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  1. Does the upgrade apply to Artbyte wallets alone or all wallets?
  2. Buy and sell artbytes

    Aww thanks very muchTheo🦋
  3. Buy and sell artbytes

    I now run a ballet school, so I have only ballet pupils. Most times things have a way of working themselves out. Although I do miss the studio from time to time I would never replace my ballet school.
  4. Buy and sell artbytes

    That's an interesting response. On the contrary I would have thought that the economic climate in a given situation would be crucial to the success or failure of a business. I had a dance studio for 17 years in London and unfortunately during the economic downturn in the UK my studio and two others in the area went under within 12 months of each other. When I started my studio I didn't think of anything but the studio getting off the ground. But knowing what I know now I would definitely give the economic climate some attention before starting anything that required significant investment at the start up.
  5. Buy and sell artbytes

    I’ve just seen the introduction of a new coin on Facebook. I wonder how wise that is in the current market🦋
  6. Buy and sell artbytes

    Thanks very much I thought Bitconnect was delisted, but it seems to be on Coinmarket cap
  7. Buy and sell artbytes

    So what constitutes a complete crash?
  8. Buy and sell artbytes

    Isn't that a complete crash?
  9. Buy and sell artbytes

    Thanks for that
  10. Buy and sell artbytes

    Is this an app or website link?
  11. I just read that you are our first gold member. Congratulations Gates👏🏾
  12. Corruption is everywhere. But I suppose there are some real financial gains for the crooks that pervade the crypto world. I'm so fed up with the unscrupulous. So sorry to hear this is happening to our dear Aby
  13. Regulations are a slippery slope for the crypto sphere. This inevitably means government intervention, and loss of privacy. I think some governments are already demanding that Coinbase submit customer profiles. Crypto currency is unfortunately used for many unsavoury projects like money laundering but so is fiat. If I were forced to choose I would reject government intervention even with the risks that shroud crypto🦋
  14. Buy and sell artbytes

    Like this? Im not sure why but I can only upload really tiny pictures!
  15. Buy and sell artbytes

    Gosh most of my clients don't even understand Bitcoin let alone Artebyte, but I get the point. Thanks for that. I guess it's a matter of taking up the mantle
  16. Buy and sell artbytes

    Hi Frank when you say "work more with the team" what does that actually involve in real terms?
  17. Buy and sell artbytes

    I think it was around the spike period that I actually purchased Artebyte for the first time. At the time I didn't understand what had happened and was devastated by the price plummeting. It was quite a rude awakening about the crypto sphere. I think hodling is the best way forward. But hodling over an extended period of time.
  18. Tryst

    You're very welcome
  19. Ballet as a child

    Hello All i was wondering how many of you took ballet lessons as a child. Some people have very mixed feelings about their ballet lessons when they were children. What were your memories of ballet as a child?
  20. It was only a suggestion. You may be right; I’m not really sure🤔
  21. Ballet as a child

    It's a good choice. Ballet has a robust dance technique that can enhance many other dance forms were your child try something different later on.