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  1. Oceana, drawings to color!

    Colouring can be reminiscent of our childhood but intensely relaxing for adults. How does childhood colouring differ to adult colouring? Is it simply to do with the complexity of the design? Nice work J
  2. Those who can't, teach

    Interesting comments. I ran a dance studio for 17 years and prior to that worked as a performer and choreographer in fringe. I now run a children's ballet school. Many performers supplement their performance work with teaching work. For many teaching is merely a way to supplement income. However there are amazing teachers who have skills performers simply don't and could never possess. It takes absolute dedication to be good at one or the other. It is unusual to be a sublime artist and a superlative teacher at the same time. Great teachers are sometimes the reason why some students become wonderfully successful artists in their own right. Teachers and artists enjoy an inextricable relationship. Teachers are indispensable and provide the bedrock necessary to nurture the professional artists of today and tomorrow. Passionate teachers are inspired by the curiosity students display while learning and students are motivated by the encouragement and support offered by teachers. Both have an integral role in the arts, and interdependently serve to inspire the other.
  3. Unfortunately it doesn't take much for scammers these days. Good to see Artbyte was on top of it
  4. It seems as though the majority of cryptos are on the move
  5. Hi From BDS!

    Sorry Tarialfred I have just seen your message. Thanks very much for the vote of support What kind of music do you compose?
  6. Congratulations Marith
  7. My digital animals & illustrations

    Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  8. Those who can't, teach

    Is there any mileage in the idea that teachers are less accomplished artists? The expression, those who can't, teach seems to suggest so.
  9. +

    Simple but lovely seascape
  10. Not sure. I'm from London. Where are you based?
  11. For a lot of people around the world crypto currency is an unknown phenomenon. Even in rich countries knowledge is extremely poor. The current downturn is another deterrent. But due to the benefits of crypto over time it will become a natural alternative across the globe.
  12. Daily Quotes

    Happy Easter everyone 毋休毋
  13. sunflower

    Great photographic work
  14. Lovely work Anniesignature.