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  1. Yes, I know that there have been also problems with other Second Life users. The main problem is that many comment give foolish suggestions to the eyes whose well Second Life knows. About specifically my posts, in many cases people comment without reading the article and it is easy to realize this problem. For example if I share an image and they think that it is mine. Besides I have received different criticisms and sarcastic comments that have made me lose the desire to share the art of the virtual worlds in this community.
  2. If you read the article and not just see the image I post here, you know the author of that picture is the great photographer Brenda Menges.
  3. After a few days of absence from blogging (for Real Life reasons), I return to my exploration of human creativity in virtual worlds. In fact, one of my favorite activities is to visit the latest artistical innovations. This time I immerse myself in the creative mind of Megan Prumier who gave life to an art installation entitled “Contact” related to G.B.T.H. (Grab By The Horns) Project. READ ALL IN ENGLISH
  4. "The Cave" by Solkide Auer

    You misunderstood the role of a second life blogger that is generate curiosity so that the reader wants to visit. I record also videos inworld, but many sl users tell that if they watch a video they don't feel the need to visit. (Now that you explained better your point of view, I understand, but before it was not absolutely clear). Also, thinking like you, a second life blog would not have reason to exist. Another time, I don't agree.
  5. "The Cave" by Solkide Auer

    Why you should read the article in Italian if there is an English version? I don't understand.
  6. Yes, these topics are all explained in the article
  7. "The Cave" by Solkide Auer

    I don't agree with you. First of all, did you see the installation in Second Life? How can you tell my images don't give justice to the installation at all?
  8. "The Cave" by Solkide Auer

    Read the article to understand.
  9. "The Cave" by Solkide Auer

    You have to be frank, also because I didn't make that work just kidding, it's a question of taste, of course thanks for commenting
  10. I have not talked about marketing about realism and quite the contrary. I explained the reasons why it is not ethical to modify images that are intended to promote products to be purchased. Realism in SL is desirable when it comes to portraits, profile photos, etc. as in the examples I have listed in the article.
  11. yes, but talking about realism in Second Life I think it is essential to get a good image. The only limitation is that, if we are talking about fashion blog images, it is preferable not to modify them so as not to induce deceptive advertising.
  12. The photographic realism in Second Life®: a question of style. The question may seem provocative, in fact, it’s a question I’ve been thinking about for a few days. In particular, I wonder when it is relevant that there is realism in a portrait of a SL® avatar. [READ ALL]