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  1. Eddie Cloud - Nature Photographer

    Agree, I wouldn't mind to settle there for a while
  2. Eddie Cloud - Nature Photographer

    The art of seeing or framing comes form the heart It's good if you give it the best ground to settle therefore there's no bad of having good and reliable camera and glass. Have a good week buddy
  3. Eddie Cloud - Nature Photographer

    I've been shooting with pretty cheap setup for most of my life and it has never been a case of the equipment until late. As a 10 years old I've been killing my time in darkroom playing with black and white films shoot on fully automatic fuji camera ( I wish if I had it back now ) It has always been a matter of seeing not having if you know what I mean. It stayed this way for almost 25 years of my life until I got my first canon 400d about 10 years ago. I've learnt properly photography with this equipment and would stay with it but current market temptations are irresistible so things progressed recently with me in terms of camera equipment. I still use the old fashion film cameras occasionally
  4. Eddie Cloud - Nature Photographer

    Thanks Chris, I've just updated this post with my twitter and instagram link Regards
  5. Eddie Cloud - Nature Photographer

    This one was hard to get, long trip to Scotland almost 2 years ago, brought back many stories to tell. Scotland is terrific, had been editing a batch of photos recently from that time and I must admit I feel very strongly connected, I'd love to go back there in near future.
  6. Eddie Cloud - Nature Photographer

    Hi Just updated each photo with locations for you I hope you didn't get much of rain during your last visit in UK
  7. Eddie Cloud - Nature Photographer

    Hi, thanks for your kind words. I'm very dedicated to what I'm doing an all this comes for it's own price. So far I've spend tremendous amount of time learning, exploring and watching things arounds me, not to mention fuel burnt getting on locations and of course photography equipment which doesn't often come cheap Stick with what you good at and work it hard
  8. Eddie Cloud - Nature Photographer

    Hi Catsmile, go ahead and have these saved. Enjoy
  9. Eddie Cloud - Nature Photographer

    Hi Gates. UK is a very beautiful place, anyone should see it
  10. My work: ArtByte Web site redesign

    Excellent !!