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  1. Congratulations to you @ovko
  2. ovko - New Media Artist

    You're welcome and congratulations on winning the Artbyte artist of the week award
  3. 'Jelly Jellies' Mobile Game

    I want to congratulate you on this project, although I have not go through the reveal link to form an opinion yet but I'm confused that it will be fantastic and highly addictive.
  4. interdimensional color wizard :)

    Good job and I welcome you to ABY forum
  5. Hello ArtByte Lovers

    You're welcome to Artbyte forum @kousuke20. Pls, feel free to ask question if there's anything you don't understand in this forum so that you can be guided. Enjoy!
  6. There is always gain in hardworking, @Gates @hj27 and @Cahoot you guys are highly dedicated and you deserve it. Congratulations
  7. Hello Artworld

    @Frank you're welcome and we're happy to see you here. Enjoy your stay
  8. Update on Forum Rank Bonuses

    @Cahoot I think @adminnas clear our doubt on top what is going to happen from now. However, I like the bonus to paid once in a week for all that qualify for it and this is the resemblance of bitcointalk ranking system.
  9. New here

    @Thom you are welcome to ABY forum
  10. Update on Forum Rank Bonuses

    I think they will want to clear the pending weekly bonuses and making some adjustment where necessary.
  11. Daily Quotes

    An hungry man is as angry man.
  12. Hello

    You're welcome
  13. New ArtByte website going live today

    This is one of the reason I continue to follow this project, the dev and his team are visionary, authentic and experience.
  14. Crypto market is rising

    Definitely, the market will rise and this is why patient is the key 🔑