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  1. Introspection, oil painting

  2. Introspection, oil painting

    Hi @Gates, All my works are available to buy. Regards
  3. Introspection, oil painting

    Hi, I would like to share with you some stages of the painting process of my work called Introspection. Introspection Oil painting 40 x 5 cm. 2016 Drawing Grisaille Overpainting Finished work Detail Detail Framed Hanged Best regards to you all!! My wallet if you feel motivated to donate: AKgD6DN9N2YVPQ59Faa4sy5e1dMG9Z8Tm4 Thanks !!
  4. Colouring in Photoshop

    Thanks so much for watching and commenting!
  5. Colouring in Photoshop

    It's my pleasure. Thanks to you also for your kind comment!
  6. Colouring in Photoshop

    I really don´t know, but I think it's about 3 or 4 hours, I often don´t pay attention to the time I spend working.
  7. Betta fish III Color

    Thanks Gates, This sort of fish exists, but the drawing is not a true copy of the real fish, there is always a lot of stylization. Thanks so much again for your interest.
  8. Colouring in Photoshop

    Hi, I would like to share with you a time-lapse demo of the process of colouring a page from my book "Oceana". This adult colouring book is available on Amazon if you enjoy colouring. In this case, I show you how to colour using Photoshop. Thanks for watching!!!
  9. Betta fish III

    Page from OCEANA , adult colouring book, coloured in Photoshop. If you love to colour, this book is available on Amazon . You´ll find beautiful drawings to enjoy colouring.
  10. Betta fish drawing coloured

    Thanks!! Maybe some of this may be interesting for you: https://www.etsy.com/your/shops/JVandePerreArt/tools/listings
  11. Congratulations!!! very beautiful work, I love it!
  12. Mixing oil colours to get green

    It´s my pleasure. Thanks!
  13. Digital works

    Digital paintings, drawings and sketches