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  1. Hello, I'm new here

    Hi, I am glad to welcome you at this forum. I wish you to spend pleasantly here time and to receive many bonuses.
  2. Music part of Art

    Music - one of the most important parts of art, she expresses emotions of the composer, and his thought.
  3. Some more adult only edited photos online now!

    It is pleasant, the girl in red, very elegantly and erotically.
  4. You'r opinion about art.

    How do you think whether it is possible to tell that art is what does the person by evolution top?
  5. You'r opinion about art.

    What you like?
  6. Tell about you'r prepears in art.
  7. The Art Critique

    Ok) thanks for shoding)
  8. What year

    now we have other criptos thet may to be popular in the future, and one of this - aby. I beleve in this cript.
  9. The Art Critique

    And what you think about this?
  10. Hi artbyte!

    Ok) i'm not shy) probobly i can't tolk now)
  11. Hi artbyte!

  12. Hi artbyte!

    Thanks, it's great. I hope, i'll have nice meeting with diferent persones, Many of wich are talanted artists.
  13. Hi artbyte!

    Thanks Gates, nice to meet you.
  14. Hello, check my paintings!

    Hi Lucia, i think it's realy talanted! Magic colores are imressed my mind. It's natural, and it's like twinlights in arctic for my opinion.
  15. Hi artbyte!

    Thanks, i'm glad to meet with averyone on this forum, Ho teach me to diferent ways of art. And i'm sorry for my bad Englesh.