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  1. Nature, Travel & Landscape Photographer

    Hello everyone, Here is my latest capture! This was shot at Krka National Park in Croatia. It is a beautiful place to visit and you will definitely return relaxed and calm form the visit. A highly recommended place to visit Hope you all like it! Have fun and keep posting Comments and feedback are welcome and if you like my work please tip me: AZpTfcSWcJDdd4hwrbzdCTsgZD9B84FFWd Follow me: https://www.facebook.com/madanrajphotography/
  2. Madan Raj Photography

    Nature, Travel and Landscape Photography ArtByte Address: AZpTfcSWcJDdd4hwrbzdCTsgZD9B84FFWd Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/madanrajphotography/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/madanrajphotos
  3. Eiffel Love!

    Thanks Ame! Spain has missed a wonderful masterpiece. Such a pity!
  4. Eiffel Love!

    True, People weren't unhappy but they were afraid and feared to see such a giant metal structure painted in red in their city centre. It also has to be because at that point concept of high rise buildings didn't exist. So people were scared to get on top and also were afraid that it will collapse and fall on their roofs.
  5. Nature, Travel & Landscape Photographer

    Eiffel Love! You will definitely fall in love with this magnificent structure every time you look at it. Beautiful, elegant, majestic and a wonder to watch every day! Enjoy the view and have a great weekend everyone! Comments and feedback are welcome and if you like my work please tip me: AZpTfcSWcJDdd4hwrbzdCTsgZD9B84FFWd Follow me: https://www.facebook.com/madanrajphotography/
  6. Maddy Intro

    Thanks everyone for the welcome messages
  7. Nature, Travel & Landscape Photographer

    Yeah absolutely, but many photographers prefer golden hour and blue hour for landscape photography. you can of course capture stunning landscape photos during day time when the time and condition are right.
  8. Nature, Travel & Landscape Photographer

    Hi Martin, Thanks for the kind words! yeah, i usually try to make pictures before sunrise and close to sunset and right after sunset to have some soft and vibrant colours. Sometimes i shoot during the day when its cloudy and when there is a lot of drama happening but not much on a clear sky day.
  9. Nature, Travel & Landscape Photographer

    Thanks you!!
  10. Nature, Travel & Landscape Photographer

    Good luck
  11. Who am i ? an "Imaginarium" HODLer

    Wow that was a long introduction! Welcome to the community and hope you have a good stay here
  12. Art lover is here.

    Welcome @ArTdIeM to our lovely community! Wish you luck and a good time here at this forum
  13. Nature, Travel & Landscape Photographer

    yeah... so when I do bracketing I shoot at least 5 exposure of the same scene.. 2 under exposed images for the skies, 1 neutral exposure and 2 over exposure for shadows and details.. and then in post processing I pick the best parts of all image and make a composite of them. Important thing is that when you bring images of different exposures you have to make sure that all pics blend in without making it look un-real. (sometimes making it look un-real is also very cool and creative and will tell a whole different story) ** Make sure you have a tripod and a remote shutter** when you are bracketing especially in low light conditions
  14. Nature, Travel & Landscape Photographer

    Hey man, I did exposure bracketing when I was shooting and did a composite merge in post. Apart from that just normal colour correction, noise removal and other post processing stuffs.
  15. Nature, Travel & Landscape Photographer