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  1. is there an update from yobit?

    So we need to send this link https:/github.com/AppleByteMe/AppleByte on new ticket or on request maintence ?
  2. is there an update from yobit?

    Can someone explain this? Yobit support respon my ticket for first time
  3. im actually just knew about your post about yobit can sending aby to other wallet because they no update they wallet aby. but I have already sending my aby from yobit to bittrex on january 10 2018. and in blockchain aby still unconfirmed transaction (http://explorer.artbyte.me/tx/7a275525a29276f8cb0377455bfb8cc6a48fc891a40d2bb1cce5448d8a035707) and (http://explorer.artbyte.me/tx/590e1707d6731983fe38bd5a017b4646d6eb346abcf449abfb4bad53278680b0) and from wallet yobit cannot to cancel my withdrawall So What should I do now?