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  1. Geometric Patterns

    A overview of some graphics, photography and paintings made from 2012 to 2017 Name: Jacco Arts Located: The Netherlands www.galeriearts.com
  2. Dear Reader, First off all I would like to thank Applebyte, now ArtByte for great initiatives and congratulate everybody with the explosive growth on all channels. My name is Jacobus Arts from The Netherlands but you can call me Jacco. I am an autodidact fascinated with all forms of expression. My art has a direct association with esoteric knowledge, spiritualism, sjamanism and the psychoanalisis. During moments of deep trance "mindstamps" are created wich are mostly abtract in form. After mirroring the whole a figurative and symbolical language starts to unravel in the digital world. Please feel free to click on the video or banner to visit my gallery website where I'm presenting streetart, tribal art and fine art from various talented artists. Support us a byte: ARJS18nsCFGKiWjzau1QS24Sjqecfh4UyK Much Love... Galerie Arts The Netherlands www.galeriearts.com - +31(0)640346014