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  1. wallet balance not effected, welldone stoping attack. i didnt know, it was possible to stop blockchain(freeze). when attacked!! this option seems to be best option till fix can be found. great job!
  2. just joined and uploaded some pictures. it does function correctly and it was not diffuclt to find what i looked for but it can be still improved representation wise like beter menu and maybe more color. i m sure u guys still working on it . good luck
  3. Hello, people.

    hello, welcome to artbyte forum, sure u can learn alot in this forum about artbyte. just ask will be happy to help. ur work is nice would like to see more of ur work. Enjoy the forum!
  4. Works by Victoria Nefedova

    she is really good, esp. rihanna, johny depp, 4th one is really good too and last one she is really good with faces. thanks for sharing Gates
  5. Congratulations Fabian, nice work/composition. like it very much.
  6. Reflection - Graphite & Charcoal

    simply WoW. another great work.
  7. New ArtByte Video

    professionally done and good/enough info in one minute.

    hello Tiago welcome to the forum, if u have questions about forum just ask. Enjoy the forum
  9. Celtic Music - Insects and Breeze

    i like it, is it digitaly(with computer program) made?
  10. ACE Fantasy

    welcome to the Aby forum, if u have questions about forum just ask sure we will try to help you. P.s u can edit this intro and add ur wallet adres here. Enjoy the forum!
  11. Newbie

    Hello Fitriani welcome to the forum, about learning just ask if u have any questions about Abycoin or forum. Enjoy the forum!
  12. I present to you the works of Victoria Nefedova

    well tell her she done really good job. liked her work, pitty we cant see herself here but would like to see more.
  13. Congratulations! strawberry Singh. your work is great. def. deserved the winning.
  14. Hello artbyte

    Hello Donatella, welcome to the forum. if u have any questions about forum just ask. ( p.s yes u can put ur wallet adres anywhere in the about me section) Enjoy the forum!
  15. Author intro

    really wow, u got a second chance. indeed aortic rapture is dangerous and most people wouldnt survive. and trying to protect ur parthner at the last moment is heroic. welcome to the forum and if u have any question about forum just ask. Enjoy the forum!
  16. Peter Demetz, | Figurative wood sculptor

    masterpiece, he done great job with clothes too very realistic. great artist
  17. caricatures

    really nice gates, i like ur style. it is bit diffrent bec as i see u dont caricature the faces too much. which is i like.
  18. evening by the lake

    nice painting liked it. just dont und russian language . would like to see more of ur works.
  19. Hello Art Byters

    Hallo Ray, welcome to the artbyte forum, ur 2d models/digital paintings looks great ofc if u have more(i bet u do) would like to see more. Enjoy the forum and if u have any questions about the forum pls just ask.
  20. Playing around with new skin

    well after seing the basic templates u did a great job (it must take alot of time and knowledge)
  21. Playing around with new skin

    maybe u could also use the technique of morphing for hair and skin too(see post oema) ofc i dont how this technique works but it makes it very realistic. but i must say even without realism ur model looks great
  22. nice work and about the pain, well noone likes it yet we couldnt survive without it.
  23. Didn't Make The Cut

    the life is tough for anyone but it has ups and downs. as for me if there is rejection for a job i wouldnt make a big deal (even if i wanted it too much) i would think next please and in the mean time make myself beter and think about what went wrong and work on it. maybe u were good enough but there was someone else who could sell it beter or was more experinced. ur time will come.
  24. i was thinking same, ofc not sure if its going to be like this. bec crpyto market is unpredictable (ofc we can make some predictions)