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  1. evening by the lake

    nice painting liked it. just dont und russian language . would like to see more of ur works.
  2. Hello Art Byters

    Hallo Ray, welcome to the artbyte forum, ur 2d models/digital paintings looks great ofc if u have more(i bet u do) would like to see more. Enjoy the forum and if u have any questions about the forum pls just ask.
  3. Playing around with new skin

    well after seing the basic templates u did a great job (it must take alot of time and knowledge)
  4. Playing around with new skin

    maybe u could also use the technique of morphing for hair and skin too(see post oema) ofc i dont how this technique works but it makes it very realistic. but i must say even without realism ur model looks great
  5. nice work and about the pain, well noone likes it yet we couldnt survive without it.
  6. Didn't Make The Cut

    the life is tough for anyone but it has ups and downs. as for me if there is rejection for a job i wouldnt make a big deal (even if i wanted it too much) i would think next please and in the mean time make myself beter and think about what went wrong and work on it. maybe u were good enough but there was someone else who could sell it beter or was more experinced. ur time will come.
  7. i was thinking same, ofc not sure if its going to be like this. bec crpyto market is unpredictable (ofc we can make some predictions)
  8. Charcoal on Paper | Commissioned Portrait

    When i look from just little distance to it than it looks like a foto. again great job.
  9. why funds are not extinct?

    your welcome, sure u can wait response from admin. maybe they have easier way to sort it out. if no solution than u can search in russian language how to dump and add privatekey to wallet (there is alot of video's on youtube too) good luck!
  10. why funds are not extinct?

    maybe artbytesupport team can help, bec as far as i see transaction isnt comfirmed thats mean if u wait long enough it will get confirmed or it will be abonden if network abondens ur transaction than it should come back to ur wallet. or u can simply try this. Your client will have this marked as spent and will prevent you from sending any unspent coins included in the transaction while continuing to try to broadcast the original transaction. There is an easy solution, though. You simply need to dumpprivkey and add it to another wallet, where you can send the coins from this address to another, effectively creating a double-spend permanently nullifying the original transaction. Instructions on how to export and import private keys can be found here(it should be same for Artbyte wallet): https://bitcoin.stackexchange.com/questions/7536/how-do-i-export-my-private-keys-from-my-bitcoin-qt-client and never send ur privatekey to anyone or post.
  11. why funds are not extinct?

    thats good new version wallet works, ofc no idea how old ur wallet version was. (maybe u had one without all new upgrades). if ur coins showed up in ur new wallets than problem solved. btw good tips from admin about wallet version. P.s cant see/find wallet version 0.13.02 anywhere. only 0.13.01 latest version even on artbyte website
  12. yes i did same, bought some with higher price than when it was low (dips) bought again than u have a moderate price and this can help u gain over ur loses and when CC goes really high than plenty gain. btw. what do u think about crpyto market i mean about price level after 5 month (2018) hovering about same little bit up than down. its like when btc nears about 9k than somethings happens do you have any observation why this happening?
  13. why funds are not extinct?

    honestly i never used refuse transaction. i cant find manual for wallet maybe admin can answer this of someone with experince.i hope they add next wallet version increase fee option (with Ltc it is possible increase fee) have u tried anything yet? if not probably u can ask help from Admin (artbytesupport team) O|r try to send someone maybe couple artbyte or 5 without fee than u can test refuse transaction see what happens
  14. why funds are not extinct?

    if its from ur wallet (u sending it) than u can try send all ur coins to urself with fee (kind of double spending but other transaction will be canceled ) though i never tried it. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1802212.0 this is for bitcoin it might work for Artbyte too. or maybe someone else knows another/beter solution. if u right click ur uncomfirmed transaction do u see any option pay fee or cancel it?
  15. why funds are not extinct?

    as i see u didnt include any fee's if so probably miners are not including ur transaction or u have to wait longer if it ever gets accepted. (if this sent to u than they didnt include any fee's) http://explorer.artbyte.me/tx/84973cb3fce30751594b39fe5bb42d9379418584171e3096b7afd1bc41f98120
  16. I'm here

    welcome to the Artbyte forum, nice works. pls edit this post and add ur wallet adres here and in ur profile about me section too. if u dont have a wallet yet i would suggest you to download artbyte desktop wallet. https://www.artbyte.me/get-started/ Enjoy the forum!
  17. Setas Acuarelas

    Thank you, and yes ur link works nice paintings.
  18. Setas Acuarelas

    yes its a very low limit. at the beginning i didnt like it either. i was like what! so small. than learn to deal with it esp. using links. and gallery. i do agree what Cahoot said but it can be little bit more atleast 20-50mb. forexample. like this one it is in my galery i copy to link here and it shows my work but it dosent cost any kb or mb.
  19. same here it is important and tech. is evolving, even now u can do alot with what we have but it will be even much beter in near future and it should. ur works looks great. love realism too.
  20. Hello World!

    hello Rodd Lopes, welcome to the artbyte forum, u are deffo talented. tradinational or digital painting it takes alot of work. u done well. Enjoy the forum!
  21. hello, welcome to the Artbyte forum, great job if i compare ur work with some others i would say u are a pro. ofc everyone has to start somewhere. i checked ur website too and saw that u use virtual character as models. do u think in near future virtual characters will replace real models? at least for internet/websites. (p.s dont forget to add ur wallet adres in ur profile in about me section and this post should have been in topic introduction u can still do it if u like and add ur wallet adres too) if u have any questions about forum just ask happy to help. Enjoy the forum!
  22. Horse Digital, A4

    Congratulations! for winning the showcase
  23. Crypto market is rising

    my question was why replace fiat. maybe i should ask beter. do we have to replace fiat is it really necessarry? (i know it was a dream of satoshi he created something but it dosent mean it will evolve as he wanted) i would say whynot noone likes to wait if i trade some coins i have to wait almost 5 minutes and for some coins even longer to get my transaction be confirmed than exchange will be executed. if we have the tech than let it be fast. and when waiting for confirmation sometimes u would end up less than what u bargain for. So for trading purpose fast is beter and ofc there is more reason people like it to be fast (buying things or simple use for even restaurants )
  24. Expectation from artbyte

    true, but that dosent mean it will happen or when it is goin to happen if ever. there are plenty examples in the history that people trying to invent something and they end up with something else (also something new)it is not black and white and about zero benefits if CC would stay like this as it is now. it has still benefits.a couple of example i can think of now; like u and i can trade it plus i could send money almost instantly to someone in other country without hassle cheaper, faster. (if u familar with sepa it can take day).
  25. Crypto market is rising

    Dash offers instant send. (ofc its fees higher than normal send but it confirms almost instantly it does that with master nodes) and why replace fiat, CC could be accepted as internet currency and used like other currencys.