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  1. Right time to invest in crypto

    Hmmmmmm, lemme say you are soo lucky to enter during the crypto boom as u said its not advisable,am a living witness thank God for my regular monthly payment that paid the loan. Now I will adopt your new method of 15% from my monthly income for five solid years because I am certain crypto is the FUTURE.
  2. Right time to invest in crypto

    Yeah. As at that time it was good cos most coin were at their bottom,but now I will advise you can ladder buy to be saver side. Crypto generally is actually hard to predict.
  3. Crypto market is rising

    Stable???... nah there is nothing like stable in the crypto world, the present rising is just normal, expect another trend any moment, could be both way,remember lota poeple in the game for same reason... Profit. So just book profit and wait for another deep to bdfd. Be contented with little profit and don't be greedy cos that's the bane of crypto.
  4. New ArtByte website going live today

    Nice one. Very much OK than the old one. Much friendly and more fluid. Well done
  5. How do you listen to your music?

    Me I love listening to music mostly in the evening time with headphones. that way the quality and lyrics is sure.
  6. Hello

    Highly welcome to the artbyte family.
  7. Art Therapy | Healing

    Hmmmmmm. I knew it. Lots of benefits is embedded in art. Thanks for sharing this useful article.
  8. How do you get over your writers block?

    Yeah.... It's happened alot to me. What i simply do is to leave it and stroll around and listen to some cool music. Sometimes I go sleep and wake back fresh.
  9. Submerged Drummer | Watercolor on Paper

    He's been totally carried away. Indeed submerged.. Lolz Great worj
  10. Swim at Vandri

    Very good shot,its speak professional
  11. North Dakota Artist

    I love this posture. You are welcome to artbyte community. Enjoy your stay.
  12. Fito, composition for an oil painting

    Good one. Love it.
  13. A young woman portrait

    Lovely work with details for a learner like me. thanks. Weldon
  14. Hare in pencil

    This is absolutely amazing. very natural, keep the pace up and you will be the best.
  15. Oil painting - underpainting demo

    Great work. Keep it up bro.