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  1. bitcoin is on the way of new ATH

    I hope their sell off will end soon
  2. Hello Artbyte community

    You're welcome to Artbyte forum
  3. hello

    You're welcome to Artbyte forum
  4. Hello Artbyte community

    You're welcome to Artbyte forum
  5. YOBIT wallet update

    Yobit is simply a scam exchange, this is an exchange will the highest number of inactive wallet and they use this to scam. I was once a victim and I understand the pain.
  6. Daily Quotes

    Power is not given but you will have to fight for it
  7. Hi ArtByte artists! I am new here....

    Congratulations! Pls, help spread the word of Artbyte
  8. Daily Quotes

    Genuinely, a man must be firm
  9. Update on Android & Online wallets

    Coinomi will be better. I have used it, I'm still using it and I will continue to used it. Coinomi all the way
  10. Hello

    Welcome to Artbyte forum
  11. Sign in

    I think you will need to update your browser or I will suggest you use chrome
  12. bitcoin is on the way of new ATH

    This is why I like bitcoin, it will always recover.
  13. Well, you're entitled for your opinion and so I'm. However, when I say stability is returning to the cryptocurrency market and you are able to take a look at the cryptocurrency market cap you will understand what am saying but if you're judging the market stability with a coin then you're wrong.

    I think dev and his team will be working on that
  15. Crypto market is green again

    You're on point, crypto is never a ponzi scheme, so it's a process. Red candles is an opportunity to buy more