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  1. ABY for USD trade

    i never intended on it but i will for sure keep that in mind. im glad it was one of my close friends who acquired them from me.
  2. ABY for USD trade

    SOLD. no longer available. thanks!
  3. ABY for USD trade

    right now, coinmarketcap has it listed around .03 USD. open to reasonable offers.
  4. ABY for USD trade

    Willing to sell 350 ABY. Direct message any USD offers. PayPal friends and family preferred. USD only.
  5. Rules for adding pictures

    if it regards the Artist Showcase & Artist Listing, they spoke about it via this post. this is how i figured it out.
  6. Introduction for GodBody Glass Art

    I will definitely continue to share my art on the forum. feel free to visit my Instagram (gallery), or Etsy (store) to view more. Thanks!! https://www.instagram.com/godbodyglassart/ https://www.etsy.com/shop/GodBodyGlassArt
  7. Introduction for GodBody Glass Art

    thanks! i try to find my own style in such a talented glass community. all about finding your niche or your "thing."
  8. Introduction for GodBody Glass Art

    I appreciate the welcome! The ArtByte community is super friendly!
  9. Introduction for GodBody Glass Art

    thank you so much! the support means alot!
  10. Space themed marbles? I don't make them often but i have the concept down some what. just a technique i havent focused on.
  11. Introduction for GodBody Glass Art

    i really appreciate that! if you ever find interest in glass, there is Drawing on glass. with the understanding of the glass fundamentals, you may create some amazing work. here is an example of some glass drawings ive done. im not great drawer tho! haha.
  12. Best ABY Storage. Opinions?

    i like that rule. i most likely will exercise your rule with some of the other advice!
  13. Introduction for GodBody Glass Art

    thanks! i actually bought one of my oxygen tanks from a guy who used to blow glass in public on a pier haha. i have a post in the Artist Listings with my art posted if your interested! i appreciate it!
  14. Flower Implosion Pendants GodBody Glass Art | 2016 Millie Encasement Pendant GodBody Glass Art | 2016
  15. a series of works with wineglass)

    nice work! i use Imgur for the images now. very easy!