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  1. haven't you learned anything from the last months? Again, you are hyping each single sat. up within a time range of a few days? Keep calm! We are now in a phase, where no bigger movement will happen. The next few weeks and month, I am pretty sure, we will have an up and down of a few sat. and moving sidewards... The market needs way more positive signals for a clear uptrend... to many bad things happened in the past weeks - and a lot of people have left the market... Also, it needs new people to bring in fresh money... so.. just be patient
  2. Holy Cow

    IF my company will send me to India again this year, I will try to take some photographs this time. The last time, I went there last year, I haven't had the time at all, because we were working basically 10 days without having one day off ... so I was not able to do some photography - but I think, there are many things, that could be interesting for the others here, because most of the european don't know much about the culture and the living in this country That a cow is a spiritual animal in India, you will learn very early, while you are driving throught the streets. A cow is f.e. allowed "to stay everywhere".
  3. Holy Cow

    if you could get their meat without killing them, it would be possible But maybe, I need to go to India again in April for a Business Trip - then, I could ask my indian collegues
  4. Holy Cow

    Yes, Cows are holy in India And as far as I have learned, the question "what makes the cow holy" can be answered just with: - They spent their milk to feed your Kids. Is it right? @sujithputhranartist
  5. My strategy is to tip, then follow the artist, then mute them. Muting should make the account not appear in your twitter feed & searches. 

  6. Tipping on Twitter

    Are you really sure, they haven't been tipped before? And have you verified, that the tipped account is an artists account? I've stopped the twitter tipping after spending 200 ABY in total to accounts, that already have been tipped (and I was not aware of this rule) - and then, after I got blamed by another User that he don't want to get "spammed" with things he does not know what it is...^^ Problem: he was not able to understand the english description - and he did not understand what I told him about ArtByte...

    This chart was taken from https://bfxdata.com/ But in the meanwhile, I am using another Website for Chart-related stuff: https://de.tradingview.com
  8. where are you from? You need to calculate your earnings agains your costs.
  9. Was is going on

    it is basically the same, but much faster. and with higher volumes... Today, there were some really good news from USA - and you could see, how the price was going up from that time, when the news was spread. To be honest, I think, that there was a big manipulation on the market... there were a lot of bad news the last weeks - and every time, when it seemed that the price has reached a bottom, a new bad news was spread. And then, at 6000 $, there was just one REALLY GOOD news leaked... looks, like someone wanted to buy really cheap bitcoin
  10. Was is going on

    there are chances to see what could come... but in any situation, you can just calculate the chances... also, there are some indicators (taken from the past) where a fall-down could stop maybe, or what happens, if its not stopping, etc.pp. I would recommend, to start learning chart analysis. This could help to see unhealthy indicators (which we've had in December, f.e.) This "crash" was just a question of time.
  11. Was is going on

    there quite a lot reasons, that caused the downtrend for BTC. Reason 1: it was just sold too high (the grown was too much in a too short time frame). Many people tried to get a part from that cake, while others payed out their wins - this caused the prise to go down - which then caused others to do panic sells. Also, there where a lot of rumors about the BTC futures and beds on "short" (falling chart)... and so on and so on....
  12. Was is going on

    today, I had a 50% loss on my BTC... but the wind has changed.... Hopefully, this direction can be hold for the next few weeks.
  13. Art is good

    welcome on board
  14. here, some more positive news And as far as I know, the latest news, that China will ban cryptos, is just FUD...
  15. Ideas for the community

    Currently, I haven't the time for setting up any kind of voting System - nor I have the connection for calling a jury... This is why I have posted this here in the forum, to get your thoughts and Idea - and maybe, we all can bring in something to make this happen? BUT: on the other hand, I think we also should keep in mind, that most of the people that are not involved into the crypto-world wont join right now. They are too scared about what's going on right now. So, maybe, it is just not the right time for such an idea - but we could use the time to be prepared