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  1. Do You Want to Become a Whale?

    agreed ! ... ArtByte is meant to support art and people devoted to art ... thats the main reason, please dont forget !
  2. Hello, check my paintings!

    Vitaj Lucia ! pekná tvorba, asi najviac sa mi páči Abstrakt s krýštálmi z 2016 len tak ďalej mimochodom ako tu uploaduješ fotky ? Či pridávaš link z tvojej webstránky ?? diki
  3. Introducing myself :)

    Welcome ! really nice pictures, and especially what I really like is how you put tags photography to the topic, really good idea !
  4. Offline wallet - adress

    Hello everyone, Im new to this cryptoworld (but I've been doing art for more than past 20 years O:) ) and I really love how these two things connect now ! I have downloaded a wallet for my Windows, although I downloaded zipped package of blocks and followed the steps, wallet decided to download and sync more than 3 years of blocks anyway... (just to let the admin know, that it is probably not working as you wish) ...anyway, I am really happy that such a thing is ArtByte exists, I am really excited to start using it because as I read someone's post, the value of this coin rises when we use it. Which means we gotta keep tipping and sending payments to build bigger value of this beloved cryptocurrency <3 How do I get my wallet adress ? -> I hit "Recieve" and should I write anything in the columns or leave everything blank ? My adress keeps changing, how do I know that adress will work ? ... if I generate adress with blank columns, will it be valid for ever ? ... if so, it is this one ! ... -> AS8wFh6tLoLGb5n2U97VVD5N9scCQ7rNWK