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  1. Komal Khan

  2. CPU mining is profitable or harmful.?

    no its not
  3. Can we use cloud mining for Artbyte?

    it's about the Difficulty, every mining is profitable
  4. Transaction stuck for 3 days

    got blocked for doing that
  5. Transaction stuck for 3 days

    any solution yet?
  6. YOBIT wallet update

    have you got any response
  7. it seems like i have lost all of what i had, Yobit doesn't seem to be fixing the problem, they don't even care anyone who wants to donate ABY coin i would appreciate it all Cryptopia wallet: AWwnHNfDGArS14KPCMZsHHE2aftSYfyyxS thank you all. have a good one
  8. over a month? am i going to wait that long too?
  9. i did so many times, i tried to push on them in the chat i got blocked for a few days, no response at all, the more i wait the more i lose thank you for your response and time
  10. i was just not aware of the problem and as you can see in the picture, i could withdraw on Dec 27 without any problem, a few hours later this happens i'm really upset
  11. Hi i'm facing serious problems with withdrawing your coin from yobit to cryptopia 2017-12-27 11:16:301288.65350631 ABY498741bd58c1897c9bab1c9003854cd710b89bcd08a338c443b9d64eb2fd7289 i started losing money and i really hope you will fix it today so i keep trading the coin thank you