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  1. can we dream for a 1$ = 1 Aby

    Great dream. I am hoping as a small start that we could get some collaboration with http://artmoney.org/about . Any adm have a take on this? Here is an example Artmoney (Not by me however) :-)
  2. 7F7BE41E-7AEA-475E-918F-ACCA825A0F47.jpeg

    Great work :-)
  3. R.R. Wachtmeister cats in my own style

    very nice :-)
  4. Sending to MyEther ??

    Can i send to myEtherWallet and other wallets or only to other ArtByte wallets? If the answer is here somewhere point me to it kindly :-)
  5. Introduction

    Would like to somehow start a collaboration between Artbyte and Artmoney in Denmark. Like having Artbyte members selling through the Artmoney site and having the Artmoney artist joining Artbyte and accepting artbyte coins for their art. Could this perhaps give synergy and increase the value of Artbyte ?? From the Artmoney webpage: Artmoney is a global, alternative currency made of original art. Artists make their own money. Companies accept Artmoney as payment. Collectors buy Artmoney as inexpensive, original art. Welcome to a world of imagination and real human relations through creativity! The basic idea of Artmoney is, that artists produce a hand-made currency at a fixed value that can be spend at regular shops. The concept of exchanging art for goods and services is as old as humankind and the value of art is recognized by all people. Artmoney simply introduces a system that unites format and value to make exchange easy, fun and beautiful. Artmoney holds the format 12x18 cm and the value of Danish Kroner 200. This applies to all artists at all social and professional levels from all countries. When it comes to Artmoney, all people are worth the same. Number of shops and businesses that accept ArtMoney as part pay: Denmark (145) • United States (12) • United Kingdom (3) • Canada (2) • Finland (2) • France (2) • Netherlands (2) • Sweden (2) • Bulgaria (1) • Cambodia (1) r • Faroe Islands (1) • Germany (1) • Greenland (1) • India (1) • Italy (1) • Norway (1) • Portugal (1) • Spain (1) • Tanzania, United Republic of (1) • Ukraine (1) http://artmoney.org/ AVt1RLjEy39AaBZTNKpJWCkspRanVTS7Hp
  6. Introduction

    Hi, I am interested in both creativity and alternative currencies including cryptocurrencies and am lobbying to create more collaboration between some of these concepts, working on ideas to create more synergy and thus more values for the artist communities. The way automation, robotics and artificial intelligence is growing, and the prospect of it taking 800 million jobs worldwide, I believe that the arts, creativity, performance, living off investments etc. will be a growing industry and workplace for many people. Keith Held, Denmark. AVt1RLjEy39AaBZTNKpJWCkspRanVTS7Hp Social media ambassador for the Odense Robotics cluster: https://www.facebook.com/Robotic-Valley-Odense-Denmark-1520325551602220/ LinkedIn profile (feel free to connect): https://www.linkedin.com/in/keith-held-33805329/