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  1. Dear artbyte, this is a message you posted on the forum:

    The ArtByte Foundation will reimburse any losses. For wallets that the ArtByte Foundation does not own, like exchanges, it is difficult for them to fix the difference between their interface and the network. The transactions should eventually either confirm and send, or orphan and return to the exchange wallet. But who knows how long that will take.  So we will manually send the funds. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    As Cryptopia has now upgraded their wallet, they should have no further problem. Bittrex upgraded a few weeks ago and is fine. Yobit has not responded to support emails, so until they upgrade do not try to send ABY. If you need to move funds, convert your ABY to BTC and send them.

    To get your funds, send the wallet address you want them sent to and a screenshot from the sending wallet (What the exchange shows for the transaction, or in the case of Twitter or Reddit your withdrawal message)

    Also be sure and upgrade your personal wallet. You can get the latest update here: https://www.artbyte.me/get-started/ has not responded to support email.

    Current ArtByte site status

    Twitter - Tipping transactions working. Wallet upgraded, all new withdrawals working. Not all stuck transactions cleared, we are manually sending them.

    Reddit - Tipping transactions are working. Problem with wallet upgrade, so withdrawals not fixed. We are working on the solution and are manually sending stuck transactions.

    Downloaded Wallet - Everything works, as long as you have v0.13.xx

    Online Wallet - Wallet upgraded, current transactions working. We are manually sending reimbursements on stuck payments that happened during SegWit lock_in process.

    Faucet - Wallet needs to be upgraded. We will not reimburse stuck transactions.



    SO please can you reimburse my loss to? 

    My transaction is unconfirmed everytime: transaction id: http://explorer.artbyte.me/tx/b8b31a3dd7bdf1488f4cc0a2b1c9bf7312bbcf88fc4faa18b20adc8fb7f1b9bb



  2. Dear Artbyte,


    Please help me with my problem man. I have artbytes worth over 1000$ and they are stuck.

    I readed somewhere on this forum that you reimburse the loss of this. Please reimburse my loss.

    First time I used yobit to buy ABY and I get this problem.

    Please man help me! 

    This is my transaction id: http://explorer.artbyte.me/tx/b8b31a3dd7bdf1488f4cc0a2b1c9bf7312bbcf88fc4faa18b20adc8fb7f1b9bb

  3. Admin my transactions are stuck. Please help me man. Transactions unconfirmed for a long time!

    Please tell me what you can do for me man.



  4. Hello, 


    I have sended artbyte from yobit to bittrex. Are my funds gone for ever???


    Please tell me. This is the link: http://explorer.artbyte.me/tx/b8b31a3dd7bdf1488f4cc0a2b1c9bf7312bbcf88fc4faa18b20adc8fb7f1b9bb


    Please can you tell me what to do?? Please help me man please.

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    2. mendicant


      I have been stuck since the 20th.

    3. lorn90


      Mate, please read this thread: 

      I think we need to write email to support@artbyte.me with out transaction id.


      So they can cancel transaction and send new one.

      What do you think?

    4. mendicant


      I'm not sure they can help us, but give it a shot and let me know how it works out.