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  1. We are closing the ArtByte Forum

    That's a real shame, I had a good time here. But I understand and respect your decision, thanks for all the good art and discussions you hosted!
  2. hi everybody

    Hey Brian, welcome to the ArtByte community. Charcoal, huh? That's a beautiful tool, I'd love to see some of your art.
  3. Hollow Knight

    I've played Cuphead, and yeah, it's excellent. In terms of fighting games, Skullgirls has some really beautiful animation too.
  4. Hollow Knight

    Heck yeah, Braid is a real classic. One of the original 'indie darlings' as they say, with some beautiful licensed music by Shira Kammen. And the painterly visuals are really quite stunning.
  5. Hollow Knight

    I recently started playing another game that really inspired me with its beautiful visuals and music - Hollow Knight. The game's visuals are powerful, with simple and recognizable character designs placed over soft dark colors. Most of the world is draped in blue: Cold colors like blue and green fill most of the environments, but the world of Hollow Knight is tormented by an infectious disease of some kind. The disease and creatures affected by it are always depicted with orange, so they stick out well in contrast: The game looks beautiful in fact, but I appreciate that it also communicates story and gameplay with its visuals this way (as the infected enemies are usually very dangerous to approach). And listen to this beautiful track from the soundtrack, evoking the feeling of a beautiful but nearly abandoned city: Have you come across any beautiful videogames lately?
  6. Snakehead drawing

    Very nice work! I don't see a lot of art depicting a front view of a snake, probably because the silhouette is hard to communicate, but you've done a stellar job!
  7. Donkey Face

    Very beautiful and lifelike. It's interesting, but you don't see a lot of people paint donkeys - people prefer animals like horses, that have played a greater role in western civilization. Thanks for giving this underappreciated animal some time in the spotlight.
  8. Painting a fish

    Ooh, that's an amazing drawing! And thank you once again for including the process from sketch to final piece as well. What species of fish is that?
  9. Hello, people.

    Hey there, CX. Welcome to the ArtByte community. That's a lovely painting.
  10. Fabian Perez | Abstract Figurative

    What a beautiful, painterly style! I appreciate paintings that are still a bit "rough," where you can still clearly see it is a painting. Photorealism is pretty boring to me. I get a really strong 'noir' story feeling from these painting, especially the first few.
  11. Hello! I am a musician.

    Hey there, and welcome to the community! So... should I call you 'modesty' or 'modeP'?
  12. Bright day is here

    I think the best approach is always cautious optimism. I've said this before, but I don't expect any cryptos to shoot straight for the moon within just a few days, but I do expect ABY to get better this summer. Don't you think it'll come back around by the end of September, hj27?
  13. My latest digital portrait

    That painting is extremely beautiful, Paloma! I appreciate how the detail is concentrated in the face and decreases as you look to other parts of work; you've done a good job establishing a focal point.
  14. 'Jelly Jellies' Released At Last!

    Sorry! I'll keep you updated. There is a Facebook version, but it takes a long time to load, so we're still optimizing that. _ If people who tried the game had some problems, we have updated the game a lot and will continue to do so. Any new feedback would really help!
  15. Hi everyone, cartoonist here

    Hey, Pencilforge, it's good to see you! Welcome to the ArtByte forum. You've made some really lovely art, and I can see we share some of the same taste in media - I'm seeing some great art based on Shovel Knight and Chrono Trigger, for example. It'd help the staff out if you put your ArtByte wallet address in your profile's 'about me' section and made a post about your work in the artist listing subforums as well.