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  1. Hi there! :)

    Thanks for the updating will try and check the link
  2. Artcreation is here

    You are welcome to this great art family visit the forum rules and regulation I belief you will find helpful information there.
  3. Am here again

    Good talk slow and steady win the race. Let be patience
  4. Am here again

    You are right but they are in haste to get it they do not know that it will undergo some process. blockchain Same thing is happening to same but Let't just wait it will be paid as when due

    The question you are askinh Is not clear to me maybe you should expantiate it a little to more clear
  6. Hello, I'm new here

    You are most welcome Just be calm all you need to is to comment on any post here a reasonable response or you create a topic in accordance to the rules and regulation of the forum by the admin and your post begin to count for you as a content which will promote you and give you rank If there is another question to ask you are free to ask.
  7. Am here again

    It is not that it can not be done in a week but it will under so many process of confirmation before one is been credited
  8. Tipping on Twitter

    Very cleared sir will keep that im Mind
  9. Tipping on Twitter

    You are most correct sir and if you abide this then you get tipped back infull
  10. Tipping on Twitter

    When you tip an artist you get double of what you tip but to that you must have a twitter account of 3month old if the tipped artist does not react to it according to management the amount tipped will be refund to your account that's iAll i Know for now
  11. I like tjos This your submission as an investor you have to prepare for both most especially the worst case
  12. sitimaryanah9 New Member

    If there is any question or anything you need to know about you're free to ask
  13. the purse does not display the balance

    Although i'm not stucked but any problem that is many people problem require an urgent solution so that many people will not be stucked up
  14. YOBIT wallet update

    Correct my dear brother is now left to us the investors we are the one that will not invest and trade with yobit anymore.
  15. ArtByte on Pinterest

    Thanks for the timely information