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  1. ovko - New Media Artist

    WoW... Incredible work of art... & Congrats on your win.. you truly deserve it
  2. Charcoal on Paper | Commissioned Portrait

    My new Charcoal sketch on Paper
  3. Nowadays, it's easier to get good internet connection than a good human connection

  4. Daily Quotes

    Nowadays, it's easier to get good internet connection than a good human connection
  5. Polygon-Wrapped Floral Arrangements by Norihiko Terayama Japanese designer Norihiko Terayama suspends simple floral arrangements in polygonal forms, contrasting the organic material with straight, meticulous lines. With the simple addition of pins and thread his series Crust of the Polygon reframes the dried plants as poetic sculptures. Another one of his series, Polygon of Tree Branch, features full branches encased in a similar geometric style. Terayama studied at Design Academy Eindhoven where he trained under designer Richard Hutten and was immersed in Dutch conceptual design. His company Studio Note designs home and lifestyle products which often incorporate natural elements. You can see more projects by the Japanese designer on his website. For more such Artists' & Artworks follow SUJITH PUTHRAN
  6. Imagined Insects Camouflaged as Star Wars Characters by Illustrator Richard Wilkinson UK-based illustrator Richard Wilkinson created a series of fantastical insects based on the most famous Star Wars characters. It’s easy to imagine these incredibly life-like renderings truly existing as creatures crawling on a planet far away, and each is given a cheeky scientific name with Latin roots that relate to its sci-fi counterparts like Roboduobus Deoduobus for R2D2 or Chaetebarbatus Bonamicii for Chewbacca. Wilkinson has previous experience creating scientifically-minded illustrations for publications like New Scientist and Intelligent Life Magazine. These first 10 illustrations titled Insects From A Far Away Galaxy are just the first set in a much larger body of work for a planned book, Arthropoda Iconicus Volume I, that will make references to other pop culture characters like Pokemon, Marvel Comics, and Disney. The pieces seen here are now available as limited edition prints, and you can follow more of Wilkinson’s work on Instagram. For more such Artists' & ArtWorks follow SUJITH PUTHRAN
  7. Intro 2

    Welcome to ArtByte, @Trimmertop <3 Love from India <3
  8. Stages of Human Life

    Incredible Vectors Great Project @ArjenDesign
  9. Daily Quotes

    Meditation:Accepting your own friend request
  10. Meditation:
    Accepting your own friend request
  11. Mindblown

    Masterpiece <3 <3 <3
  12. Digital paint made entirely out of HTML & CSS

    Awesome.... work.. thank you for sharing.... HTML n CSS ... Very tough job <3
  13. Betta fish I - final drawing

    Incredible work... and Book <3 <3 Great going @J.VandePerre
  14. Watercolors

    WoW ... your works are great.... nice start .. to your art career, I am an artist from India <3 God bless you <3