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  1. Who's your favourite painter???????

    Antoon van Dyck, one of the best portrait painters ever! For some reason I love Baroque painters.
  2. Who's your favourite painter???????

    One of the greatest indeed! I could visit his house and workshop last year. Anthony Van Dyck was one of his very talented pupils/coworkers, also a favourite of mine.
  3. Watercolor on Paper | Realism

    Lovely painting that enioyes my heart. Great mastering of water colour technique. Love the light and how that window is done, sublime!
  4. parkerquinkdraws.jpeg

    A very beautiful study of three spoons!!! I love the way you work. great study drawing!
  5. People

    I love to do some street photography. There is a lot to see out there.
  6. IMG_5602.JPG

    Hello, no it's Galicia; just above Portugal, at the Atlantic Ocean. Great place for surfing.
  7. Saxophone player

    Great work you have. I love this one in particular. Beautiful!!!
  8. Hello

    Thank you everyone for the welcome. And the additional information. Arjendesign, I'm a Dutch speaking Belgian but French would do as well, nice to meet you all.
  9. Hello

    Thank you, Adedunmola.
  10. Hello

    Hello, I'm Filip from Belgium. I love art and history. And I love to travel. Seems an interesting community, glad I joined it! My wallet address: AHJ79BpPeyuQCj7oMU4prj6Pibg8S8tMM7