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  1. Hi! Just joined Artbyte!

    Ok great thanks!
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  3. Hi! Just joined Artbyte!

    Thanks For the welcome
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    Thank you!
  5. Thank you! Tire, true but I felt the flow of theses ten songs worked with each other in mood and tempo.
  6. ATVhmeY4jHiaxLtLJd8ZWHfwDLfm9JQoKn So I got to thinking, and I wonder what ten tracks I did this year that I would put on an album right now. So here's the ten I picked. Enjoy!
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    Thank you! I plan to! 😎
  8. Hi! Just joined Artbyte!

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    Great! I’m glad the link worked for you! Nice video by the way
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    Thank you Bob! With the YouTube thing I just went to youtube and copied the link and then I pasted it and just in the text field and the video just came up! and I did the same thing with the soundcloud link as well. This video was made with the intent of making fun of all those count down ghost videos you see on YouTube!