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  1. hello

    You're most welcome to the artbyte forum
  2. Betta fish drawing coloured

    You're an intelligent artist.I love your work.its awesome.thank you for sharing it
  3. Share your quote/inspiration words

    A fool at 40 is a fool forever
  4. Michael Cheval | Playhouse of Quintessence

    What an icon Michael chival....an amazing artist....your work alone speak so much great of you
  5. Introducing Australian Singer/Songwriter Melissa Kellie

    You're most welcome to the artbyte community
  6. Expectation from artbyte

    My expectation for artbyte is to see artbyte grow in value and increase in size.the 1cent mention above is achievable by next month end but my expectations is bigger than all this.am still hopeful and still believe artbyte will reach 1dollar per aby this year
  7. Betta fish I - adult coloring page

    Good and great work from you.am impressed with your work.keep it up
  8. Digital Art Discussion

    What part of art are we discussing about?we art is bring out unimaginary thing to reality.creating the innermost beauty of a thing
  9. Twitter Tipping pot is down

    Can we still tip ?or it will affect the tipping program?
  10. Hurray.the tipping festival is here again. Good job admin and artistgift
  11. This is massive and exclusive interview by mike.thank you for sharing
  12. Hello

    You're welcome to the artbyte community
  13. Those who can't, teach

    If you can't teach then you must be ready to learn and if you learn very well.you we be able to teach.
  14. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

    As early as 10,that is call genius .very talented artist.thank you for sharing. The academic regimen of copying became insufferable. He made "a great effort to copy the model exactly", one of his friends later recalled, "but in spite of himself he exaggerated certain details, sometimes the general character, so that he distorted without trying or even wanting to". Soon Toulouse-Lautrec’s attendance at the studio became infrequent at best. He then rented his own studio in the Montmartre district of Paris and concerned himself, for the most part, with doing portraits of his friends. The documenter of Montmartre Thus it was that in the mid-1880s Toulouse-Lautrec began his lifelong association with the bohemian life of Montmartre. The cafés, cabarets, entertainers, and artists of this area of Paris fascinated him and led to his first taste of public recognition. He focused his attention on depicting popular entertainers such as Aristide Bruant, Jane Avril, Loie Fuller, May Belfort, May Milton, Valentin le Désossé, Louise Weber (known as La Goulue ["the Glutton"]), and clowns such as Cha-U-Kao and Chocolat. In 1884 Toulouse-Lautrec made the acquaintance of Bruant, a singer and composer who owned a cabaret called the Mirliton. Impressed by his work, Bruant asked him to prepare illustrations for his songs and offered the Mirliton as a place where Toulouse-Lautrec could exhibit his works. By this means and through reproductions of his drawings in Bruant’s magazine Mirliton, he became known in Montmartre and started to receive commissions. Toulouse-Lautrec sought to capture the effect of the movement of the figure through wholly original means. For example, his contemporary Edgar Degas (whose works, along with Japanese prin
  15. Update on Android & Online wallets

    I also have coinomi,and with the assurance am getting from you,I will use cryotonator as well