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  1. Realistic Painter - Check out my artworks.

    Hi sujithputhranartist, I took another look and as I said before your paintings and drawings look great, so much better for knowing what materials they are created with. Thank you again, Bob.
  2. am new here, ankara collections

    Hi nangigoodhead, welcome to the ABY forum, I hope everything works out well and you enjoy the best, thanks, Bob.
  3. HELLO

    Hi OLABODE, welcome to the ABY forum, I hope you get great benefit from the experience, along with everybody else, all the best, Bob.
  4. About my self

    Hi Cryptotariq, welcome to the ABY forum, I am not into football but I do like trading especially when I am gaining. Thanks, Bob.
  5. Introducing

    Ha, are you still getting paid in beer, I think this was meant for your own introductory thread, yes we live and learn always, no offence intended, welcome again to everyone, thanks Bob.
  6. New Album 'Arcticana' Out now on vinyl and digital

    Hi ian james stewart, welcome to ABY forum, music was my first love. Thanks, Bob.
  7. Introducing

    Hi chand99, welcome to the ABY forum, all the best and I hope everything is well with everything. Thanks, Bob.
  8. Realistic Painter - Check out my artworks.

    Hi sujithputhranartist, nice pieces, I looked on your web site as well and there are more nice pieces of work there also. An observation I made was there seems to not be any description of what materials you are using to do your drawings and paintings. It is not a complaint, I do it all the time myself but people do like to know what materials you have used. Thanks, Bob.
  9. Hi

    Hi Riliovic, welcome to ABY forum, music and tea sound great, not sure about beer, although it was good currency during the Egyptian Dynasty's, pyramid builders paid in beer and bread.
  10. Yup, you are right and I wouldn't normally type an address because it is a pain, plus there is too much opportunity for an error when typing, it was done because I wasn't sure it was pasting across correctly, especially when I was being informed by the software that the address was not valid, after watching my friend paste it into the email to me. Anyway life is about living and learning so all is well thanks.
  11. Hi Cgegege, thanks for providing more information about this it did go to my own personal wallet on my PC but I think I will wait until I get a message from them telling they have received some coin for signing up. Bob.
  12. Hi I tried sending ABY from my online wallet and I got this following message, Send failed. [Code:-26], does anyone have any idea what it means and if I can correct it or just what it means might be helpful. Thanks for looking and any help will be gratefully received, thank you again, Bob. Update, I resolved the sending issue and managed to send, I think it was a ABY wallet address issue, it came back saying the address was not valid after typing it by hand, checked more than once, was sure it was correct but it was a new wallet address of somebody who I know has just joined so the address might not be authorized or something. I sent them to another address on my computer so I know they have arrived. If anybody could add anything to this, then please do so, thanks again, Bob.
  13. Hi! Just joined Artbyte!

    Thanks for bothering, the first forum I have come across that allows and provides such easy posting of videos, I must be living a sheltered life, ha, ha.
  14. Hi! Just joined Artbyte!

    Hi Jordebot, thanks for the info, I tried that first so it must be something in my browser or I didn't give it a chance, I will figure it out. Had a look at your vid, it kept me entertained for 3:16 minutes, a couple of layering methods I could experiment with for the future perhaps, thanks again. I got it now, I was trying to use the embed code from Utube instead of just posting the link, ha, ha, I live and learn, anyway a video I made below.
  15. Hi! Just joined Artbyte!

    Hi Jordebot, welcome to the ABY forum, had a listen to Less Is More and I agree, it often is, a bit like, the more I look the less I see, ha, ha, lol. The video animation, the bit with the group of fish, all seemingly in a hurry to go somewhere is quite good, doesn't seem to become too monotonous too quickly without there being a great deal really going on or at least it seemed so to me. The last image of the alien type creature with antenna each side of its head, seems to be split down the middle, one side soft curvy, the other side less precise, sharp and darker, sinister looking. Hope you don't mind me asking but how did you embed a YouTube video? I tried inserting as code but it didn't work for me, I haven't tried Sound Cloud yet. Thanks, all the best, Bob.