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  1. illustrations

    Hi paulagorman, nice collection of works in your gallery, thanks, Bob.
  2. Path to Zenith (work in progress)

    Hi Ame Painter, I thought it was oil and canvas, thank you for the reply and inspiration. Golden dawn
  3. Digital images.

    Images created digitally on the computer, I create digital images most days and will post some of them here as time moves for ward, thanks for looking.
  4. Hi Ame Painter, I am glad you like it, I didn't know him personally, seen Nirvana a couple of times, like their stuff and I suppose when people write songs they are revealing information about themselves really, so anybody who likes the songs by Kurt has a bit of an insight into the writer. Thanks, Bob.
  5. Path to Zenith (work in progress)

    Hi Ame Painter, interesting experiments, nice pleasant colours, vivid , bold and exuberant, good stuff. This golden mountains image has given me an idea to experiment with, that's cool, thanks. My idea will be digital not of actual substance, although I will be starting with the colours you are using. Out of interest: What type of paints are you using? What are you actually paining onto? Thanks again, Bob.
  6. Bob's drawing album

    Pictures made utilizing the technique of drawing.
  7. Hi Admin, can you please tell me where are the help files for using this forum software, are there any instructions on how to actually use this forum for posting and how to insert stuff like code or video?

    Thank you.