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  1. That's okay if you don't understand the video. I hope you enjoyed it anyway!
  2. Madis Põldsaar | Professional vector illustrator

    The personalities of your subjects really comes through!
  3. This video features a painting I did in early Spring 2017. I saw an abstract painting that I didn't particularly like, but I put a small frame around certain elements and found that while I didn't like the painting as a whole, there were certain things I did like which were emphasized by the frame. This short video is the result. I moved a makeshift frame around the painting to highlight certain color combinations. Also at the time, I was thinking a lot about blockchain technology and art. I hope you like it!
  4. Neon Artist works!!!

    What is your interest in cryptocurrency? Do you accept it for your art?
  5. Fall colors in fog - oil on wood

    Omotolacrown, thanks for welcoming me and for liking my work. I have a new project that I'll post in a few days. Testing ink on papyrus.
  6. Fall colors in fog - oil on wood

    Thanks, Strannik58! I teach college students and counsel start-up tech businesses.
  7. Hello! I have been working with oils for almost a year. I have worked with wood block prints, letterpress, and other media for a gallery I used to own. I've tried acrylic, but I find that I enjoy the fact that oil takes longer to dry and demands patience. Thank you for checking out this work! CryptoC ArteByte address: AQpycWohRP6DoexH5UwGfCPMRtcNYz9KoD
  8. Hello!

    Hello everyone! I am very interested in seeing how ArtByte works as well as seeing what everyone is working on. CryptoC