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  1. Are you ready for an adventure?


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. kmcathey


      No I didn't, but I had to put it up. I just love this picture!!!

    3. Vishal



      very nice pic. I think a fly is more exited for adventure 😊

    4. leppyj



  2. Writing

    My Grandma is a painter and I completely agree. The way I stare at words is the way she stares at her work. The tiniest detail matters!!
  3. Writing

    Thank you so much!!!
  4. Writing

    The joy of writing is what pushes me through. The love for my characters makes me want to write the best for them.
  5. Writing

  6. Writing

    I love the writing process!! Taking my ideas and putting them on paper, then typing them on the computer. Going over the words again and again, until I read something beautiful!!! The highlight of my day is when my characters come to life and I can hear each of their voices in my head!! When my ideas become something more then imaginary thoughts that passes through my brain and I am fulfilled with accomplishment that I took the time to create a new world, or express an idea that is truly my own!!
  7. Working hard on chapter 2 of my second book and moving forward while waiting on my first book. I can't slow down. I have to keep moving forward.

  8. Just finished up with the test readers and I got great feedback!!! Now my book goes into formatting and layout. I am super excited for the next step!!!

    1. sujithputhranartist


      Great congrats :):)

    2. kmcathey


      Thanks!!! I am so excited to get my book published!!! I wish it could move faster.


  9. Hey, I am new to this whole art byte and I have a question? What is mining and how can I do it?
  10. Guess what...

    It is pretty cool!!!!
  11. I hope for the best, but I am so new to all this crypto currency. I have a lot to learn!!!
  12. an artist and new

    Welcome and am excited to see your work!!!!!
  13. I just finished editing my book and it is going out to the test readers!!! I am so excited and a little nervous with what they are going to say. But this is one step closer to having it published!!!!

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    2. kmcathey


      Thanks!!! Now that I know how to update my status I will let you know what is going on.

    3. benres


      Congratulations and a hard work done well, you are an inspiration among the writers here on the Artbyte community. Keep it up and thank you!

    4. kmcathey


      Thanks, I am biting my nails waiting to hear everybody thoughts on my book. It is so hard to wait!!!

  14. Need some hlep

    Thanks you for all the help everybody!! I finally found the enable status update and I can start letting people know what is going on with my writing. Thank you all for you help!!!!!
  15. Need some hlep

    I did not it on the forum