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  1. I am excited to announce that Bittersweet in now on amazon!!! Check it out today at:  https://www.amazon.com/Bittersweet-Kristen-Cathey/dp/1948080230/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1529069170&sr=1-1

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      awesome....Congrats. @kmcathey

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  2. Bittersweet prologue

    That is great!! I hope you enjoy it!!
  3. Bittersweet prologue

    I hope you do, I really enjoyed writing it!!
  4. Bittersweet prologue

    Thank you!!
  5. Bittersweet prologue

    It is not fantasy. Fantasy is going to be something that has to do with wizards, dragons, maybe a different world. Action is going to be fast past, high impact book.
  6. Bittersweet prologue

    It is considered action fiction and if you are interested, check it out at https://www.indigoriverpublishing.com/portfolio_page/bittersweet/
  7. Bittersweet prologue

    Bittersweet Prologue Casey, though struggling and tired, finally reaches the top of the cliff. She turns her head, and ten feet in front of her is a mountain lion standing on top of a boulder, staring her down. She stumbles backward, caught of guard by the presence of the animal, and falls to the ground. Her head hangs over the cliff causing her neck and jaw muscles to cramp up, sending shocks of pain down her back. Taking her eyes off the big cat for just a second, she looks over the edge of the cliff, knowing she could fall off. Turning back to the animal, she looks into its beautiful blue marble eyes. He must be deciding how to attack me, she thinks. I am so vulnerable and my only option is not to fall off the edge. Steadying her composure, she takes a deep breath and narrows her eyes to look as mean and fearless as she can. He knows he has her right where he wants her. With an evil smirk and a twinkle in his eyes, the lion knows his dinner is right in front of him. She watches the mountain lion slightly bend his knees as it digs into the boulder, and then it quickly jumps down to the same level as her. He slightly opens his mouth, showing his sharp teeth that he wants to dig into her, gives a loud hissing sound, and licks his lips. Casey knows she must survive; she has to protect herself from the pain that is about to be inflicted upon her. She must think fast on what to do next; he is coming for her. Unable to move from the fear and shock that has taken over her body, she watches the lion ready to pounce. Suddenly Komodo reaches the top of the cliff and jumps right between them. Everything is happening so fast she cannot wrap her head around it... Bittersweet releases June 15th. You can pre-order today at https://www.indigoriverpublishing.com/books/
  8. It is official, Bittersweet will release on June 15. To pre-order check out https://www.indigoriverpublishing.com/portfolio_page/bittersweet/5b11a44483ae9_bittersweetbythetree.thumb.jpg.a36d264b2f1bef430606ca275ffc159b.jpg

  9. Are you ready for an adventure?


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      No I didn't, but I had to put it up. I just love this picture!!!

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      very nice pic. I think a fly is more exited for adventure 😊

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  10. Writing

    My Grandma is a painter and I completely agree. The way I stare at words is the way she stares at her work. The tiniest detail matters!!
  11. Writing

    Thank you so much!!!
  12. Writing

    The joy of writing is what pushes me through. The love for my characters makes me want to write the best for them.
  13. Writing

  14. Writing

    I love the writing process!! Taking my ideas and putting them on paper, then typing them on the computer. Going over the words again and again, until I read something beautiful!!! The highlight of my day is when my characters come to life and I can hear each of their voices in my head!! When my ideas become something more then imaginary thoughts that passes through my brain and I am fulfilled with accomplishment that I took the time to create a new world, or express an idea that is truly my own!!