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  1. Analog Paper Collages

  2. Analog Paper Collages

  3. Analog Paper Collages

    @strannik58 Thank you for your reply. My work is all analog. Sometimes I do some adjustments on the computer but only when I need the work to be printed, to exclude foldings in te paper and such.
  4. Analog Paper Collages

    Knutseltroep, is a collage artist currently situated in Gouda, The Netherlands. In addition to her profession as a care attendant for the disabled, she practises the art of collage making. Knutseltroep's works are on the one hand touchingly beautiful, on the other hand painfully attractive. Sometimes her works appear idiosyncratic and quirky. AHAY7cosPWNkgaMTq3yBwPmvmnHbJWKWRW