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  1. "Slaying the Minutiae": Art as Mirror

    This painting, "Slaying the Minutiae", is on display at the Cameron Museum of Art in Wilmington, NC until next summer. This imagery has been a potent jumping off point for much of my recent work and it was a significant point in my career when a bit of intense self-actualization reared itself through the making of this image. Art is a mirror: for the creator while creating, for the viewer when contemplating. You are not looking only at the artists ideas but at your perceptions of those ideas. You can be sure whatever feeling a piece of art brings up in you is a significant subconscious reference to how you relate to the world. What piece of art has increased your consciousness?
  2. Poem Catcher

    Thank you!
  3. Arc of Story

    Yes...not sure how this all works yet though. This is my address: ANFBU4PSwBchi19NjkmvrwwKqkMVMhKbg8
  4. Into the Woods Series

    ANFBU4PSwBchi19NjkmvrwwKqkMVMhKbg8 www.nicoletteleigharts.com “Into the Woods” This series is inspired by childhood ideas and experiences. Specifically my memories of walking to my neighbor's house along a mowed pathway, turning left to pass the tobacco fields and heading into the woods where there was a clearing. The first time I made this journey felt epic. The discovery of the clearing in the woods was transcendental. I stood there in awe for what felt like forever. The story in my head would evolve each time I made this trek.