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  1. Hello, I'm Sarah

    Thanks a lot
  2. Artbyte at $1. How is it determined?

    I completely agree (y) (y) I do have 0.8 artbyte on my wallet but i'm really interesting on the coin and how people behind it trying to make it usable on the creative area. We also must not forget that it's a crypto coin and most of it's holder stay at least for a while on the internet and most of them are techy ppl. DESIGN is more profitable than what you ever thought. The online design marketplaces receives huge amounts of $$$ hourly from selling creativity to the people needs it. We can make a marketplace where designers and creative people can actually get paid for their work. Something easy to use but more than just another marketplace. Check creativemarket.com , Yes! They don't sell any physical products, only design resources. Millions of dollars is its worth! If you jumped to their blog you'll find that they regularly celebrate a new " 1 Million Dollar " designer who made 1million selling his work on creativemarket.com!! Lot of designers facing problem to get paid on those marketplace(because of their locations/accepted payments ... .etc). From this point, we'll find lot of designers who will reserve a seat on aby spaceship to the moon They get paid easily with a financial freedom and their money is increasing by the time!! What a good to try thing On the other side : We already have artbyte listed on the most popular exchanges and buyers will find it cool and easy to buy ABY. Lot of this type of buyers called "Clients" not "Customers" and they're long-term friends. They'll find it cool to invest on this coin to repeat their marketplace experience easily. " I'll be smart if i bought 100.000 ABY and kept them for my next 30 years orders " >> Client thinking It's never been impossible to make it happen!! Imagine if we have those transactions and exchanges on ABY!!
  3. Pool status?

    I'm sorry if it seems like a newbie questions but, why i was mining from ~3 hours and i can't see any credits on my balance! No mining, no bonuses! Is that normal ? I'm using cpu miner over my i7 cpu and cgminer over my amd 4gb gpu. Is that not enough to mine ?
  4. Design your album cover

    Thanks a lot looking forward to have a complete marketplace to buy/sell design products-services using artbyte. something like creativemarket or graphicriver but only accept artbyte. 1000's of designer will join, it could help artbyte getting a great position!!!
  5. I tried GPU mining yesterday but i don't know the pool says my earnings are : 0.000000000000 for ~2 hours of mining. I have AMD 4GB graphic card and used cgminer to mine. I'm not sure if it's my problem or it's a problem with the pool.
  6. Designing logo for Artbyte

    All of the above logos are completely unique and totally custom. some of them are completed project with my clients and the others are from my design contests entries. Thanks for your support
  7. Album Covers

    Service topic :
  8. Designing logo for Artbyte

    Thanks a lot ceryslalu for your kind support <3
  9. For the service my offer is to design your album cover/artwork for Artbyte. The service include : - Creative/unique album cover design. - Completely unique,custom to cover your album inspirations. - 5 Revisions. - 1~3 days deadline. - All of the required files including the source files of the design. ( for both digital and print usage ) For the basic service price it's : 2500 Artbyte ( includes all of the above features ) To start working on your project i'll need the following : - Full detailed brief about your album. - Samples you like. - Styles you prefer. ex: modern/vintage/retro/minimal/simple/complicated/ ... etc - Colors you prefer. You'll also need to do a full deposit to this address and PM me after sending the Artbytes : AaQyNSD4HH4NQrcuyLrJPaDFxDVm2HBrHe Samples of my designs Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions
  10. Album Covers

    Samples of my album cover designs, Hope you like it I'm willing to post a new topic on services section for the #musicians to get their album cover designed for Artbyte.
  11. Hello, I'm Sarah

    Thanks creamworkz Nice to meet you, i'd love if we may do something great for artbyte together
  12. Hello, 

    I'm Sarah and I'm a freelance ui/ux designer. Please feel free to ask me for any kind of work to help artbyte get the top place. 
    I'm just wondering why we don't have a marketplace for designers ( like what we have for music ). Something like Creativemarket.com with some extra features to give more chances to designers to gain/get paid artbyte. 
    I can really help you designing the whole system wireframes, user experience and interface design. I already have a complete in depth plan for the whole project if you're interested. 

    i can redesign the web-wallet interface to look much more professional. 

    i can any required mobile apps as well. 

    i can design any required social media posts/ads/...

    Feel free to contact me anytime and i'll be so happy to work for artbyte completely free or for some artbyte ;) 

    you can check my profile here : https://99designs.com/profiles/1829936 

    Best regards,


  13. Hello, I'm Sarah

    Thanks a lot Sure i do <3
  14. Designing logo for Artbyte

    Thanks fro supporting my service <3 Please feel free to contact me anytime and i'll be happy to work for you, You're welcome anytime