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  1. Hello, 

    I'm Sarah and I'm a freelance ui/ux designer. Please feel free to ask me for any kind of work to help artbyte get the top place. 
    I'm just wondering why we don't have a marketplace for designers ( like what we have for music ). Something like Creativemarket.com with some extra features to give more chances to designers to gain/get paid artbyte. 
    I can really help you designing the whole system wireframes, user experience and interface design. I already have a complete in depth plan for the whole project if you're interested. 

    i can redesign the web-wallet interface to look much more professional. 

    i can any required mobile apps as well. 

    i can design any required social media posts/ads/...

    Feel free to contact me anytime and i'll be so happy to work for artbyte completely free or for some artbyte ;) 

    you can check my profile here : https://99designs.com/profiles/1829936 

    Best regards,