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  1. Collage made up with stamps

    Not for aliexpress deliveries though. I don't know of anyone who still buys stamps because there is a package to mail
  2. Collage made up with stamps

    hahaha, fun times eh? Nipost still functions thanks to aliexpress
  3. Chez counts art.

    hi uliseslima, are those plastic beads you used in your art piece?
  4. Art in Watercolor, Oils, Pastel, Ink, and Charcoal

    Oh, thank you very much. I'm on Twitter with the handle @drealP
  5. Watch the Sunrise on a beautiful day

    Oh well, appreciation for any art form is mainly subjective. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Personally, it's a wonderful experience
  6. I am new to Artbyte

    welcome to the artbyte forum.
  7. Watch the Sunrise on a beautiful day

    That's a good question. Not everyone has the time (these days) to sit and watch the beauty of a sunrise. it happens everyday but goes unnoticed to many people. So I have taken time to capture the long moment and squeeze it into a minute for all who are not patient enough to watch the entire process but have a minute to spare, that they may enjoy it, be inspired and always remember to start their day off on a bright note. In essence, time is precious and this is a gift to all who don't have the luxury to experience the sun rise on a beautiful day.
  8. Art in Watercolor, Oils, Pastel, Ink, and Charcoal

    Thanks, it has been sold tho.