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  1. Phogarty (Photographic Art Gallery)

    Phogarty is a collection of art styled photography by discerning photographers theirwork is masterful and outstanding.
  2. Netscene

    This piece is painted on Five separate canvasses and can be mounted as one or as five single or paired or basically any combination you feel is appropriate...Uniquely it can also be staggered to create an appealing reception or cover a large wall...
  3. Hello all warm smiles and best regards. I am fresh to Artbyte and hope to get better acquainted with this platform soon. If you have any tips , comments or advice i am always open to suggestion or useful critique.
  4. Netscene

    Acrylic work
  5. Freelance Artist

    Thank you Benres please feel free to connect with me on Skype my handle is :hellobuzzman i would really like to establish how to use this platform more effectively and i see you are a snr member so your assistance would be greatly appreciated .
  6. Freelance Artist

    Hi Guys I have just joined added some of my pieces for your perusal and will continue exploring Artbyte and in time get to become more proficient with this platform ...Fingers crossed.
  7. Mask painting.jpg

  8. 876.jpg

  9. 088.jpg

  10. Masai maiden

    Work by Carl Van Haght using Acrylics depicting various scenes captured in Africa
  11. using colour with acrylics to depict a furious Lion Male about to make a kill.