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    Wife, Music, Coding ... not necessarily in that order ;)

About Me

Producer and Coder by day, Lead guitarist by night, ... and a husband somewhere in between :)

ArtByte Address : ARLReR27geL5gqQXVfS5rxyK5GwKQ3DPzj (Many Thanks, appreciate the support)


Completely smitten with anything musical from an early age I started out as a dj (Acid Reign) when I was about 17 playing acid techno and used to think that it was the best job in the world but admired the people who actually made the tracks I played, 
so I began writing and producing club dance/trance/techno music by early twenties.,

Why am I in this, ... 
Never really started making music for fame or money, .. Its more about the feeling that it gives me and the pleasure I see in peoples faces when the music takes hold, .. thats priceless.

Thanks for reading, 
Really hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them.