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  1. DJ Reign - Acid Reign - Hard Trance

    Thanks very much for the kind and insirational words Cgegege, .. appreciated Thanks for the awesome feedback artist, properly glad you like them
  2. DJ Reign - Acid Reign - Hard Trance

    I do have a couple of nice trancey gems hidden away and a couple of half written ready for another spark of inspiration, so hopefully soon my friend, .. im a coder and a guitarist as well so finding time to blink is theatrical haha lol Awesome tune AdamsEve, got that one tucked away on 12 inch, When i first got interested in EDM (back in the day) my inspiration were DJ's/Artists like Mark EG, Sentience, Lab 4, Scott Project etc.. used to go to many clubs to get my fill of bad @$$ trancy yummyness lol. Once i reached about 21(ish) I reached a point where I had the opportinuty to play as resident in a club (friend of a friend, you know), .. Got my teeth into it and met a lot of DJ's, club owners and such and ended up DJ'ing in clubs up and down the UK, great job, .... Until at some point in my mid 20's started to wonder what it would sound like if a tune was to go this way instead of that, or if a breakdown in a tune was structured differently ... the wondering nagged me so much I decided to purchase a half decent PC and give it a bash and see if i could come up with anything .. perhaps not as good as the tunes I was playing as a DJ but at least put down some of the ideas building in my head into ear fodder. It was really only once I let some friends hear my tunes that I thought I might be good at this. Eventually built up enough balls to play one in a set and had a much better response that expected (always the pessemist lol), and from there my repertoire was born. I did indeed find the older i got and more experience i gained (techniques, tricks of the trade etc..) my music started to sound more like where I started in my head, .. However, with that said, there was a time not so long ago that life was a bit mean shal we say and hadnt even so much as turned a PC on, perhaps 10 years(ish) so that gap is a bit annoying in hindsight, i could have made some bangers in that time hahah. No matter now tho, ive picked the headphones back up and although I probably wont be stood infornt of a set of decks any time soon, but I will definitely continue to make tunes, .. Once I see the look on someones face that enjoys one of my tunes .. well its a feeling that is incomparable. Thanks for that, I am registered and uploaded but not finnished up, ill get to that asap Well, how awesome is this ?! Ney, Epicly awesome, ... nope, Epicly Awesomely Biblical ! I dont remember the last time i won anything, totally chuffed, thank you very much Right, im off to gloat, .. ahem .. no wait, go and tell my wife Thanks Admin and indeed ArtByte community, very much appreciated Cheers DJ Reign
  3. A Hip Hop Dancer Oil paintings

    Congrats on your showcase win, .. Ill copy here what i said over there (apologies admins for kinda double post) Awesome, Im slightly biast because I love blue and all variations, .. guess i got a new desktop image for a few weeks Cheers DJ Reign
  4. DJ Reign - Acid Reign - Hard Trance

    Thanks for the kind words Omotolacrown, very much appreciated
  5. DJ Reign - Acid Reign - Hard Trance

    Tracks my friend Its been a while since i stood behind a pair of decks, .. Now you mention it I have a few DJ sets floating about from a couple of years ago, maybe ill post some here .. some of you might enjoy them.
  6. DJ Reign - Acid Reign - Hard Trance

    Awesome ! .. (Thats my wifes favourite too) Thanks for the comment, very much appreciated
  7. Noob Alert - Hi From The UK

    Hey Apinoko, Thanks for the welcome Absolutely, there are links here in this thread : Probably a good idea if I post that link in the first post lol, ill do that now Cheers DJ Reign
  8. Noob Alert - Hi From The UK

    Thanks very much, Hope you enjoy Thank you Thanks very much, appreciated New(ish) lol, .. thats ok tho, I dont mind a few belated welcomes
  9. Vinyl Theatre Designs

    Fantastic work kimasuncion, love all 3 designs, but torn between the 2nd and last, .. 2nd design because it just looks sweet as!.. and of course the 3rd design because im a vinyl junkie at heart Awesome logo, awesome designs, awesome, ..... oh, .. did i mention that I liked them ?
  10. Thats some serious nice work right there Creamworkz, ... love the vision punk logo in particular. I usually design my own logos for projects, websites etc.. but not without days of 'creative block' sneaking in from trying too hard, you know. Next time I need a logo for something I might hit you up
  11. Frank Huurman

    Awesome work Fhireman! Although not in my language it still opened a can of whoop ass on me .. I was singing along, dont know what i was saying but my wife said I looked and sounded cool, thats good enough for me lol Look forward to more work from you
  12. DJ Reign - Acid Reign - Hard Trance

    Thanks for the kindcomment nasym, appreciated
  13. Noob Alert - Hi From The UK

    Thanks very much Awesome, thank you I hope to have a good 'poke around' when i get 5 mins to myself lol, Seen some great things from some talented folks while quick browsing through, and even stumbled across a few tips for btc mining .. pretty great place, full of a wide specturm of creativity ... cant wait to get stuck in properly Thanks nasym, appreciated
  14. Noob Alert - Hi From The UK

    Thanks benres for the positive words, .. hope you enjoy Thanks HHA, appreciate it Well hello there my firend, fancy seeing you here, ... no, wait, you brought me here .. Whahah Thanks mate, appreciate it Thanks for welcome and the heads up ceryslalu, I figured i would forget something lol Thanks Cgegege, hope you enjoy
  15. Hey, .. DJ Reign here .. Used to DJ around the UK until I fell in love with making the music instead of playing it, to this day I have probably around 40 tracks, most of which are still "Not ready" lol, .. However here are a couple of my babies that I felt comfortable releasing and sharing with you folks .. Hope you like em, and if you dont then thats ok too *Ill update this post with some bells and whistles soon, but here are a couple of tunes to keep you going ArtByte Address : ASNzCw3yft8j5acfGy6vJsnzuGEfmsFPTF (Appreciate the support) W.H.A.P - (We Have A Problem) It's Going To Begin Let The Bass Kick Enjoy DJ Reign