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  1. illustrations

    Illustrations with various themes
  2. pinhead5.jpg

    @Gates ^^ indeed it is! it's one of my personal favorites. Older horror films are great.
  3. lammergier.jpg

    @Gates nah we don't have any here in Scotland roaming free just in wildlife parks here. I have seen Egyptian vultures and griffon vultures.
  4. lammergier.jpg

    @Gates Thankyou so much! I am indeed I have a special liking of vultures in particular ^^

    @TonyY1972 You are so kind! I really appreciate that ^^ that would be be great. Ah yeah a user asked if he could use the image and I was very flattered this is a fantastic community.
  6. @TonyY1972 Thankyou so much ^^ I think he's the best
  7. illustrations

  8. 12313578_873713836069970_7024794270786075625_n.jpg

    @Scotty ^^ I have read this too I thought it was amazing art and the story did deserve more content and consideration. You can use the image if you want ^^ you dont need to send me anything
  9. 12313578_873713836069970_7024794270786075625_n.jpg

    @TonyY1972 you have great taste in characters ^^ Thankyou so much freddy is fun to draw
  10. 11218985_829286933845994_5192953950898851561_n.jpg

    ^____^ <3 @xxxkull
  11. 11218985_829286933845994_5192953950898851561_n.jpg

    @xxxkull Hey Thankyou so much I appreciate the compliment <3
  12. 12313578_873713836069970_7024794270786075625_n.jpg

    ^^ Favorite Fictional character ever
  13. illustrations

    Thankyou so much ^^ You are very kind