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    I got it, thank for your detail explain
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    Pls feel free to ask anything ❤️
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    Hahaa I felt the same as you when came here
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    You did so well, keep it up ! Can I save your pictures ? ♥
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  8. Yoga and dance photo

    great shoot photo Btw, the last photo looks so fun lol
  9. Little fringed red blanket - oil painting

    I thought it's a photo. Ewwww, I'm wrong >_< You really got a talent, keep it up
  10. Oil painting process - still life

    WOW Amazing work !
  11. Charlie Puth

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    This is old topic, a guy said to me that we didn't should comment the old topics
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    A beautiful girl here <3 Hello and welcome !! Enjoy your time here