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  1. Mindblown

    Your painting is impressive by its content and message.
  2. I present to you the works of Victoria Nefedova

    The lady does know how to handle the pencils on paper. And looking at how she made the photos it seems that she has an idea about the aesthetic of a composition... also. I like what I see!
  3. Nature, Travel & Landscape Photographer

    Really beautiful photo. So clear...
  4. caricatures

    Fantastic! Man, you do really have talent!
  5. Portrait of a beautiful girl

    Good idea!
  6. Portrait of a beautiful girl

    I believe you! She is a singer from my country and a very good friend.
  7. 111

    Well done, Gates! This painting proves you're very talented. I like it very much
  8. I haven't found the words to put them right in order to describe the beauty of your artworks...
  9. Portraits and People

  10. Congratulations, Tari! You do have a really nice voice!
  11. Hello, I'm Blaine Prescott, painter and visual artist.

    Welcome to the Forum, Blaine! Your paintings look great!
  12. hi to all good people here

    Hi and welcome to the Forum! We've all been amateurs 'till some point...
  13. Gardens of Balchik

    Thank you! The place is located in Bulgaria and it's only a small part of the summer residence that belonged to Queen Maria of Romania.
  14. Stillness

    Well, thanks very kind of you! Thanks for your gesture!
  15. Gardens of Balchik

    I tried to paint the gardens as close to reality as I could.