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  1. Android ArtByte Wallet ?

    is there anyway one can add an already existing wallet to the android version of the wallet using the private key and the wallet addresss
  2. Android ArtByte Wallet ?

    i never knew there was an app version of the artbyte wallet. off to getting one now.
  3. Hello newbie here

    welcome to the artbyte family
  4. Artist in Durban South Africa

    you are welcome to the artbyte forum
  5. HELP

    just consider the deep an opportunity to buy more coins and trade it on the rize.
  6. HELP

    it will be when a new week kickstarts
  7. HELP

    having observed the trend for some time. i noticed the market grows during weekdays from mondays to thursday and drops on fridays
  8. introductions

    welcome to the forum Zaia
  9. Explaining ArtByte's official pool mining bonus

    can you work on two accounts using one computer
  10. Explaining ArtByte's official pool mining bonus

    does this in any way affect the prospective miners?
  11. An App for Artbyte forum

    and your point is?
  12. An App for Artbyte forum

    i am talking about an app for mobile devices and not for desktop versions
  13. An App for Artbyte forum

    i strongly agree with your remedy.
  14. An App for Artbyte forum

    i like that keyword "social interactions". that is the basic essence of forums.
  15. An App for Artbyte forum

    you may be right but this is for the growth and easy accessibility of the forum. i think the maintenance would not be as that of the betting site