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  1. Another ArtWooorks

    @benres my dear, thank yooou sooo much for your words! You just have made my day! =D <3
  2. Crazil

    Hehehe it is indeed! hehehehe, thank yooou foor yooour coooments, my sweetie dear @Ame Painter!!! <3
  3. Address and Account Balance issues

    @AdamsEve YEAHHHH MY FFFRIEND!!! IT INDEED WORKED!!! THANK YOOOU SOOO MUCH, MY DEAR!!! Nooow, mining will be the next challenger!!! I hope that you can help me on it tooo! Thank you and thank you all! <3
  4. Address and Account Balance issues

    @AdamsEve , @Cahoot Thank you again...both of you... I am doing this right now... however, I do believe this problem just have started because I was having some problem to mine because minerd and artbyte must be on the same library, however...I do not know what to do...do you know what I must do in order to be able to mine accordingly with mac?
  5. Address and Account Balance issues

    @AdamsEve Thank you my dear...I ll do that... but I also wish to know how can I make a backup safe copy for my own security of my old and correct wallet? Could you please guide me into this? Thank you again
  6. Address and Account Balance issues

    @Cahoot @AdamsEve @nasym @cryptogeek101 @Gates @P.E. dears all, Apparently I have two wallets in two different spots inside my mac....which is in Applicatives and in Library. See print below: The wallet in Applicatives i do believe is the correct one cause has the older date than the other one in Library. From here, how can I proceed accordigly? Is that possible to recover my old data? Thank yooou guys, thank yooou alll! Looove and Luxxx tooo everyooone!
  7. Address and Account Balance issues

    @Cahoot @AdamsEve @nasym @cryptogeek101 @Gates @P.E. dears all, I was having some problems when I was trying to mining... I was with support on email trying to solve this matter... the problem was that minerd and artbyte weren't in the same library... I have put all of them into Applicatives folder. When I opened again my wallet, it indeed took a long time to sync again, something that have called my attention and then I went to tab of receive and it was when I noticed that my wallet address had changed to a new one with no currency at all. I really do not know how this could have happened.... But in anyway, how do you think I can manage to erase this new data and restore my old one with my real artbyte balance? THANK YOU ALL FOR HELPING ME!!!
  8. Another ArtWooorks

    @Jemmyyou are amazing, thank yooou foor that!
  9. Another ArtWooorks

    @Strannik58 Your opinion to me is the utmost relevance! thank you for sharing it! =D
  10. *** More and more Artworks ***

    @Strannik58my dearrr! Thank yooou sooo much foor yooour wooords! <3
  11. *** More and more Artworks ***

    @Jemmy yooour wooords sooounds like music tooo me! I appreciated it sooo much, thank yooou sooo much!!! <3
  12. Dear Jemmy, thank yooou sooo much for yooour kind wooords! Sure yooou have already made my day!

    I am truly honored to know that! Yooou also just got a new fan! =D


    Cheers and have an amazing week!

    1. Jemmy


      You are very much welcome.

  13. Dears all, Yesterday I was trying to open my wallet for MAC, and them, when the app was opened, it took a long time to sync again and when the sync was done, my account balance was 00.00. Another point is that my wallet address has completed changed from my last address, which is in my current profile. Please, I am having issues with mining since I have entered in this community and never could mine. And nooow this? what the hxll? Someone could help me this with will? Since the support e-mail also toook a looong looong time to answers me any position regarding my isssues with mining. Please, someone could assist me into this matter? Thanks and kind regards,
  14. xxxkull X llukxxx - The Trinity in an Unity

    @lerocknrollaThank yooou sooo much my fffriend! Regarding the symbolism, why dont yooou tell me first what you have understand abooout it and them I told yooou my meanings? I wooould be honored to know yooour opiniooon abooout it! =D
  15. Cheers! Yooou are mooost welcooome! <3