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  1. Update on Forum Rank Bonuses

    You might want to ping @Admin directly if you have something to ask about missing payments!
  2. "The Cave" by Solkide Auer

    I have not, because I do not use Second Life. My point is that an interactive experience simply cannot work non-interactively. Think of if this way: would couple of screenshots alone be much of a representation for a movie? Or an actual location you can visit? I think that you're completely misunderstanding my point.
  3. Sure, long-term I'm not worried about the market in general, it's just that while I'm not even chasing purely green portfolio all the time, seems a bit counterintuitive to push in more money when everything keeps on going down. Might as well put that money into good use somewhere else, and jump back in once things start to even out again.
  4. Mining or trading which is best

    Exactly this. Small block rewards mean absolutely nothing in the big picture of a mining operation, as they can cover absolutely nothing. They're more just little gifts to people who mine in their bedrooms, which is more of a hobby than an actual, active investment strategy.
  5. "The Cave" by Solkide Auer

    Yeah, it's all explained in the article, and that leads me to believe that images like this won't do any justice to the installment at all, and instead make it just look bad because you can't really coney the piece the way you'd want to over a photograph. That's why it looks bad and mismatched.
  6. Hello Art Byters

    Welcome to the forums, nice to see more painters joining the community! Hope you prosper with ABY with us!
  7. Actually just stay put, hold and put your money into other investment instruments while waiting for the cryptosphere to regain its stance. Seems that everything is taking a nosedive again, so while it's good for accumulation, probably lowering your investment and moving that to regular stocks for the time being could be a good idea. That's what I'm going to do, as it seems that there is nothing big coming in crypto, so trying to even out my total portfolio would fit this phase perfectly.
  8. There are really no surefire ways to know any of this, and given how hype is what tends to matter in crypto, not viability, the only real way would be to try to look at the track record of the project, which might not even exist for new projects, and for older projects means that you've already missed being a first adopter. Talk about a Catch 22
  9. ArtByte Vs BTC Vs LTC Vs ETH

    Hehe, no worries, we all make mistakes every now and then, and auto-correct doesn't exactly make life easier, yet we don't tend to deactivate it for some reason... Once again seems that after great Monday everything is going down, but looking at the big picture ABY is still doing great, so let's just keep on accumulating and see what kind of rewards we can reap at the end of the year.
  10. Didn't Make The Cut

    Yeah, that sucks. That's also the reason why I don't take part in any of these "jump through these hoops for days, doing unpaid examples and we'll see" tricks that seem to be appearing every now and then. Luckily there are also good employers, so you just need to stand your ground and make them see why you are the perfect fit for the job. Easier said than done, I'll give you that, but there is no other secret to it.
  11. There's always that sort of hype, because the people sharing that stand to personally benefit. How many "Bitcoin will be $100,000 by the end of 2018!" people own Bitcoin themselves? Exactly. Institutional investors in general are not willing to jump in that easy, because they need guarantees of legality and something to fall back to (that's to say they need tax cuts for losses, like with regular stocks) before they are willing to dump in big money. Sure some more or less individuals do this because they have the clarity to see that this is a great way for them to get rich-er, but it's not a large scale thing by any means. Yet.
  12. Writers block means the phase you feel like banging your head to the wall when no creative juices flow at all. This very morning I ran into one, having picked up my guitar but just not being able to come up with anything worthwhile when trying to write a new song. How do everyone else deal with these situations?
  13. Attachment limits

    Artist portfolios are something that the team is working on, and while we have no ETA for them as of now, they kinda need to be online within a year for the project to stay relevant in the eyes of the general public. But having your own portfolio is a good idea for many reasons other than that still, and setting one up with something like WordPress only takes an afternoon even for a complete newbie. And also gives the insight to understand why free things are limited...
  14. Mining or trading which is best

    Any sort of block rewards won't really make much difference to be honest, because mining is only worth it if you can actually mine without them, so while they're nice for the blockchains that offer them, ultimately they are completely irrelevant for mining operations.
  15. Now I have to admit that I'm not all that familiar with the subject, but when your content is 100% CGI, I think that everyone can agree that it won't reflect reality in the first place, no? So using that for marketing seems a bit weird to me to begin with, unless they're just some niche specific filling for the layout, in which case this is a non-issue anyways.
  16. I think that the "get rich fast" hype has died down tremendously, and the people who jumped in around Christmas have cut their losses (because... well, who know why that sounds like a good idea...), so new money isn't flowing in and making much changes in the prices. I think that it'll be the end of the year earliest when any really large growth can be seen earliest, otherwise it's just small changes mainly behind the scenes.
  17. This is also known as Dollar Cost Averaging, meaning that over a period of time investing the same amount with differing (either lower or higher) buy in points you'll end up making up for the occasionally higher price by buying some from the dips, and it's a known and trusted method to invest in anything. Personally I go for about 100-200 euros a month for crypto, so while sometimes things are down, it just means that if I ever happen to buy just before the dip it will even out.
  18. Update on Forum Rank Bonuses

    It most likely will, as simply having any sort of clear timeframe for... well, anything, makes for a good confidence boosting. While before the rewards were always paid, not having any idea when that would happen could easily lead into people not being so certain about the viability of the whole system, so glad that issue has been solved now!
  19. I would say it depends on what you aim for. Realism for the sake of realism is not always productive, as for many the whole point of creating art in the first place is to be able to create something that is unrealistic, to let their imagination to run wild. But realistic CGI always does blow the mind, and especially nowadays when creating such is not only limited to billion dollar companies!
  20. Charcoal on Paper | Commissioned Portrait

    Very nice work, follows the original absolutely perfectly!
  21. Hello from a Virtual World Explorer!

    Seems like ABY is starting to be quite a big thing in Second Life, keep hearing about it all the time! Welcome to the forums, glad to have you with us!
  22. Really? I can only name maybe two or three. Are they all from movies or is this a combination of different origins?
  23. I'm reading this book right now...

    Yeah, I reckon that it's pretty subjective thing. Also there are many other mediums for storytelling nowadays, from something as simple as an audio book to video games. Some might consider games being just toys for kids, but in reality many of them easily rival or even pass movies in the depth and quality of their stories.
  24. Not a fan of Star Wars myself, but this art is gorgeous! And here's the uncredited portfolio of the artist, where these images were pulled from: http://richard-wilkinson.com/mainsite/
  25. why funds are not extinct?

    Have you tried redownloading the blockchain in the client? Are you connected to any peers (shows in the tool bar in the bottom)?