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  1. I like this fractal styled artwork a lot! Well deserver win, and congratulations to the winner with hopes to their future career being great!
  2. Hello everyone!

    Hello, and welcome to the forums! Don't forget to include your ArtByte wallet address to your profile so that you can earn from the posts you leave on the forums!
  3. Art byte

    Welcome to the forums, please follow the steps of the rewards program to be able to take advantage of getting free ABY simply by being part of the forum as well!
  4. The price lives all the time, and there's also the volume available for a specific price that needs to be taken into consideration, but generally yes, the more of the work you do yourself, the cheaper it will be. But then there's the cost of opportunity and spent time you need to account for as well, so there's really no simple answer to this exact scenario. I agree that hopefully we'll get more USD and EUR gateways for big exchanges like Binance soon so that we can get most out of our money.
  5. New ArtByter!

    Welcome aboard! Feel free to share your artworks also on the forums, as not everyone here has access to all social media networks, but we can all see what's shared on the ABY forums! Hope you like your stay with us, and if there's anything you need help with, don't hesitate to ask!
  6. That's some dedication! Good to see such active and helpful community members rewarded for their never-ending quest to help out new members in the ABY family! Congratulations Mr. Gates!
  7. This is good news! Hopefully his expertise and experience will help ABY in their marketing endeavors and manage to make ABY grow even faster than it currently does, as that would just be a win-win for all of us!
  8. Yes, exactly this reason. LiteBit is a broker, not an exchange, so obviously their prices will be higher, as they need to make profit. But take into account that if you're buying from an exchange that doesn't support direct fiat-to-ABY (which is every single one of them), you'll incur extra costs on buying BTC, buying ABY with BTC and then in withdrawing that ABY. Sure even with that you'll probably manage to get it a bit cheaper, especially if you're willing to put in a lower purchase order and wait for it to be filled, but it's also going to take time, and depending on how valuable your time is to you, paying a bit more might just make sense
  9. Simplicity really depends on many factors; if you can buy with SEPA, LiteBit is not only cheaper, but also much more simpler option as you can just buy with EUR directly
  10. LiteBit doesn't take cards, and for SEPA transfers they only charge 0.16 euros and their own fee is like 2%, so it's much cheaper that to purchase BTC first, transfer that, and then pay for Bittrex. Obviously SEPA is not available for people outside of Europe, so that limits their usefulness for many, but even with their own cut it's still much cheaper.
  11. Summertime

    It would very much be, yes, however I'm currently living in South East Asia so there is really no such thing as winter here, just a tad less hot Not that I'd complain though, otherwise I love it much more, but I can see a clear impact the weather does have on my creative side.
  12. Summertime

    Summer or no summer, all the days are same for me. Work in the mornings/afternoon, then dabbling with music in the evenings before just relaxing. Seems like I never really manage to get anything done music-wise, but at least I'm enjoying it so I guess there's that. For me summer doesn't work as a muse, quite the opposite, as it just puts me into too much of a good mood to write dark, lonely and cold lyrics, heh.
  13. hello i just join

    Hello, and welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay with ABY and prosper with us in the long run!
  14. There's still a very big difference in something that is mathematically impossible, and thus in many countries straight out illegal, and something like cryptocurrency. Also since e.g., Bitcoin doesn't have a centrally controlled value to it, barring the complete destruction of our power and internet grids, Bitcoin will never completely lose the valuation - I'll personally keep that by buying any Bitcoin you have for one dollar a piece While flawed, the system itself has so many uses that it won't just stop existing anymore.
  15. Pyramids always collapse because they're not mathematically possible. But Bitcoin is not a pyramid as it has never promised anything, same as the stock market. Just because you can see that previous years have been positive that's not a guarantee of this year, and as such they're not comparable in any way.
  16. This sounds like a very expensive option, compared to something like buying BTC for cash / bank transfer off of LBC and then just using Bittrex yourself. I understand that it's good for newbies to have an easy exchanger like that, but they tend to be pretty expensive and since you're going to effectively lose money with the BTC purchase, you most likely don't want the same to happen twice for just one purchase.
  17. Credit card fees would probably make card purchases pretty pointless things anyways, but I reckon that it's more about being able to accept such payments than what they cost. But if you have EUR bank account you can use SEPA for effectively free transfers and lesser commission, even if LiteBit does buy their stock from BitStamp (IIRC).
  18. Sure you can short crypto as well on platform where margin trading is possible, but what we're talking about is the basic principle of supply and demand, and while larger demand does generally lead into higher prices when the supply gets lower, for the price to make really big changes the whole event needs to be pretty big. What I mean is that if you look even the daily change in BTC valuation, the highest and lowest points today are nearly $200 different, but with such a high unit price that's not a massive change, and what's more is that it's probably not something that'll stick.
  19. Xiao Song Jiang, 1955 | En plein air /Palette Knife painter

    These are some very interesting painting, almost reming me of photographs with some Photoshop filters on them. Takes true skill to achieve that level of realism with a paintbrush!
  20. Well Intentioned copies that went wrong

    Aah, I remember the first one! Wonder how could someone butcher a work like that and still be proud enough to publish it with their own name attached? Well, I guess things happen, but I don't think that such massive restorative work should be undertaken in the first place - I feel like it takes away from the original too much, even if done well.
  21. ABY is not available on all that many exchanges, so if LiteBit (which would be the easiest option out there) is not available to you, then Bittrex is really your best shot because they at least have some daily volume available.
  22. No, I mean the general principle of supply and demand. Price doesn't magically go up just because there is less supply, otherwise anyone could create a coin with only 10 coins and be a billionaire by selling one, but it obviously doesn't work like that because you need demand with the lower supply to drive up the price.
  23. Let's hope so, but as someone who only looks at monthly movement we're doing very, very badly But hopefully these small steps will start leading us into a better future, so that we'd get another bullrun by the end of the year - as unrealistic as that might now still seem.
  24. BUY ???? or SELL ????

    It's also good to note here that this is why you need cash emergency funds for 3-6+ months before you start investing so that you don't need to undermine your investments by cashing them out, as you're most likely not only going to lose money that way, but also the opportunity itself.
  25. It's not as simple as that when it comes to the price movement. Just because there are no sellers doesn't mean that the price would grow if there is no demand, and since the demand now is low it won't affect the price in any noticeable way.