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  1. This is also known as Dollar Cost Averaging, meaning that over a period of time investing the same amount with differing (either lower or higher) buy in points you'll end up making up for the occasionally higher price by buying some from the dips, and it's a known and trusted method to invest in anything. Personally I go for about 100-200 euros a month for crypto, so while sometimes things are down, it just means that if I ever happen to buy just before the dip it will even out.
  2. Update on Forum Rank Bonuses

    It most likely will, as simply having any sort of clear timeframe for... well, anything, makes for a good confidence boosting. While before the rewards were always paid, not having any idea when that would happen could easily lead into people not being so certain about the viability of the whole system, so glad that issue has been solved now!
  3. I would say it depends on what you aim for. Realism for the sake of realism is not always productive, as for many the whole point of creating art in the first place is to be able to create something that is unrealistic, to let their imagination to run wild. But realistic CGI always does blow the mind, and especially nowadays when creating such is not only limited to billion dollar companies!
  4. Charcoal on Paper | Commissioned Portrait

    Very nice work, follows the original absolutely perfectly!
  5. Hello from a Virtual World Explorer!

    Seems like ABY is starting to be quite a big thing in Second Life, keep hearing about it all the time! Welcome to the forums, glad to have you with us!
  6. Really? I can only name maybe two or three. Are they all from movies or is this a combination of different origins?
  7. I'm reading this book right now...

    Yeah, I reckon that it's pretty subjective thing. Also there are many other mediums for storytelling nowadays, from something as simple as an audio book to video games. Some might consider games being just toys for kids, but in reality many of them easily rival or even pass movies in the depth and quality of their stories.
  8. Not a fan of Star Wars myself, but this art is gorgeous! And here's the uncredited portfolio of the artist, where these images were pulled from: http://richard-wilkinson.com/mainsite/
  9. why funds are not extinct?

    Have you tried redownloading the blockchain in the client? Are you connected to any peers (shows in the tool bar in the bottom)?
  10. ArtByte Vs BTC Vs LTC Vs ETH

    You should look into "old school" investing as well to maybe easier get rid of that "I want everything, NOW!" mentality. When a good year yields 8-10% increase in stocks, that kinda puts it into perspective better that you need to look years into the future to amass anything really worthwhile. Another, albeit riskier (and thus better yielding), venue could be peer to peer lending, where you need to "lock in" your money for months, if not years as well, but tracking their progress could be a bit easier.
  11. Rakuen

    Probably not going to happen without a complete re-writing of the game, as they used ancient (released in late 90's or early 2000's IIRC) RPG Maker XP, which is from the era when mobile gaming wasn't really a thing, so the engine doesn't support that. I guess that porting the project to a newer version by jumping versions and fixing every issue along the way would be possible, but likely not justified by the estimated sales.
  12. Is This True?? artist life ???

    I reckon that just depends on the circles you run in, and besides, if you want a relationship to complicate your life, you only need one, right?
  13. Attachment limits

    Imgur is great option for images. They have a limit of 20 MB per each individual image (as opposed to 0.49 MB of total on these forums), which should be enough for even high resolution images, should you wish to upload them.
  14. ArtByte Vs BTC Vs LTC Vs ETH

    Last year, more specifically the end of the year, was pretty great across the board because cryptocurrencies blew up in the public knowledge, and everyone wanted to get rich overnight with them. Supply and demand 101. Then came the crash when such unachievable dreams were shattered, and now we're rebuilding again.
  15. I'm here

    An artist will always hate their own work, so there is nothing new in that. Stop striving for perfection, because you will never achieve it, and instead let the public enjoy your talets regardless. Welcome to the forums!