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  1. Congratulations. Thanks for your opinions and views, that make this a better community. I'm sure a lot of people (me the first one, of course) would like to see also more of your works!

    First artist ever was from what's now Spain. Seems reasonable
  3. New ArtByter!

    Welcome to our forum. Looking forward to viewing your works.
  4. John F Metcalf - Circle Motifs

    It's lucid dreaming...
  5. BUY ???? or SELL ????

    Only buying is like having just one hand. You can do a lot of things, but well.... with two hands you can do them more easily....
  6. Well Intentioned copies that went wrong

    This is the complete story if something was living under a rock at that moment: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecce_Homo_(Martínez_and_Giménez,_Borja)
  7. hello i just join

    It's great having new members in here. It's good to have a growing community.
  8. Well Intentioned copies that went wrong

    You mean football? There are only 1-2 places where soccer word is used, and none was in the championship
  9. Digital Artist

    The works of your site are amazing. I hope we have the opportunity to see more of your art here.
  10. Henlo.

    You look more mature in your art! Welcome to our community.
  11. In fact as things are really taking off, we are among the innovators, pre-early adopters of these technologies. It's a great point to be!
  12. The Sorcerer

    You have left the sealife!!
  13. In order to measure the level of adoption you have to compare it to something. And that's not easy. Maybe in every metric you compare with other economic assets (more conventional economic asset) BTC will have less adoption.
  14. Anders Zorn | Realist painter

    So many artists to know... We need a kind of index.
  15. I like the idea. I did not know this utility but I think it's a really good way to have liquidity in any coin without having to store coins in an exchange.
  16. Well Intentioned copies that went wrong

    The first case it was a poor lady with more than 80 years. She did not pretend any fame. Family was really worried because of the damages but also of the responsibilities it could have. Finally, nothing happenned to the lady (of course). In fact, the village became suddenly famous and there was a rush of tourism that gave a lot of money to a zone with not many industries. And after all... to be honest... the original fresco did not have so much cultural interest....
  17. I have recently seen in some shopping malls, some preloaded cards with BTC, that you can directly buy in EUR. I don't know if you have there something similar. Once you have BTC you can also use simpleswap now.
  18. Pyre

  19. Yes, in theory it is possible although I really do not think it will happen. But that's why I previously said "I mean, if you really think that BTC will reach 10k$ again". BTC is a so great store of value that I think it will be here forever.
  20. Not really. Volume of purchases and volume of sales must be exactly the same. If you buy something, some is selling exactly the same item. What Cahoot says is that if there is a lot of people who wants to buy, and very few people want to sell AT THOSE PRICES, the prices will have to go up, in order to persuade sellers to sell the asset. However if nobody demands the asset, price will just be the same.
  21. Vicente Romero, 1956 | Figurative painter

    Even though he is also Spanish I really did not know him. thanks for sharing.
  22. Imagine the day when BTC reaches 10k$. What situation do you prefer?: Situation 1. You enter into the market at that moment in a confirmed upward movement at 10k$. Situation 2. You entered earlier into the market at 5k$. Later price continued crashing until 3k$, but anyway it later recovered and climbed to 10k$. In situation 2 you would already have a x2 benefit.
  23. Gulyás László, 1960 | Ballet dancers

    Graceful but also strong ladies
  24. The obscenity of the art world 

    Right. And this has always happened. Patronage, Medicis...
  25. You're right. What you are saying is just how market works. The sentence I was answering to however was stating that there was an offer "problem", not a demand shortage.