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  1. SaintChristopherArt

    hey man - that's cool art - great detail - i had a gf once that looked like that - haha
  2. Ahh Freddy - how I miss u so! Another awesome drawing by the one and only @paulagorman

    hey @paulagorman I still think that you are an awesome artist and that you should win the ArtByte weekly award - keep up the awesome work! And I see someone is using your Joker drawing as their profile pic.
  4. 12313578_873713836069970_7024794270786075625_n.jpg

    I agree @paulagorman - but Freddy is a close 2nd for me. You are really talented. Keep up the good work.
  5. 12227214_870102676431086_6475869215822049218_n.jpg

    Oh Freddy - how I love u so! Another awesome drawing!
  6. 12313578_873713836069970_7024794270786075625_n.jpg

    The Joker = Me - love this also @paulagorman
  7. 11703189_814850095289678_6651845614908000882_n.jpg

    Terminator! Love it!
  8. sexy.jpg

    Hi @safei Sexy indeed!
  9. 1.jpg

    Hi @Svetlana Can I ask who that is a sculpture of? Thanks.
  10. Go Out and Play

    Hi @Rick Denzien Welcome to the ArtByte community! If you need any help, please feel free to post a message in the relevant forum.
  11. Wave Woman

    Hi @stefan duncan - pretty cool art - I really like Wave Woman - keep up the good work!
  12. she's a lady!.JPG

    Nice artwork Matilda!
  13. bryce_pano-23.jpg

    Hi @BCL WORKS Which city is that? Is it Bangkok?