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  1. Path To Zenith

    Feels like concept art for a sci-fi movie. Cool!
  2. We all make time for what we feel it's important in our lives...

    Nice perspective! Must be a challenge to do it from this angle.
  3. can we dream for a 1$ = 1 Aby

    I thought binance had closed new member applications. They're still accepting?
  4. A short piano fantasy based on the word "ArtByte"

    Hello everyone, I am now offering to create a similarly personalized piece after your own name, in exchange for ABY! If you're interested, see this post for more details. Happy holidays everyone!
  5. I wrote this short piece by taking the word ArtByte and assigning a note to each letter (process explained here). I will take your name (or another of your choice, such as a loved one's or company name, a word you like, etc) and create a short, 30 to 90 second piece based on it, personalized and unique, record it on a grand piano, and send you the audio and piano .pdf score or create a video like above, as you prefer. You can have this one of a kind musical greeting card for 2000 ABY - I really want to start using this coin, so I won't take fiat or BTC payments for this. If you want to take this opportunity, answer here or message me privately, and we can start letting some ideas flow. Let's create some music together!
  6. New Horizon

    Was this inspired by one of their album covers, or their music?
  7. ArtByte breaks all time high!

    I just looked at Blockfolio and got really happy, yeah. Yay us!
  8. Creative work and substances

    Haha, nothing specific, I just really like it and so it gets me on a good mood.
  9. +

    This is very cool. Did you start from a photo and apply filters, or was the outline hand-drawn?
  10. Maybe there could be some sort of smart-contract-based model for an artist to post chapters in a guide in exchange for automatic ABY payments? Like a sort of ABY Patreon?
  11. drawing+photoshop 41x44 cm

    Like a 70s album cover! I like it.
  12. Creative work and substances

    Coffee is a must. Wine is great. Chocolate helps, but isn't necessary. Weed is... interesting, but doesn't help me with work. Cheese is the best.
  13. New exchanges adopting ABY?

    Is binance a safe and easy to use platform? I have some neogas that I would like to sell for more neo.
  14. What are the implications of this, for the less technically savvy of us?
  15. Land Art

    I can't really think of words other than "Wow!"