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  1. Path To Zenith

    Feels like concept art for a sci-fi movie. Cool!
  2. New Horizon

    Was this inspired by one of their album covers, or their music?
  3. +

    This is very cool. Did you start from a photo and apply filters, or was the outline hand-drawn?
  4. drawing+photoshop 41x44 cm

    Like a 70s album cover! I like it.
  5. Land Art

    I can't really think of words other than "Wow!"
  6. allen kupeta paintings

    I like your style, it's very joyful. Do you paint these from models/pictures/observation, or just from memory/imagination?
  7. Winter with snow

    I like this one, is it hand-drawn or digital?
  8. xxxkull X llukxxx - The Trinity in an Unity

    Haha, I've already seen it symbolizing or standing in for so much stuff: X-Men movies, dead cartoon characters, porn, a chromosome, the Amsterdam flag... it's hard to shake the associations and see it just in the context of your painting. What I liked was the composition of it, without attaching any meaning, so I was curious if any was attached purposefully or if it was just intuitive.
  9. xxxkull X llukxxx - The Trinity in an Unity

    Very cool! What's the symbolism of the X's and the triangles, I wonder?
  10. Departure, 140x200 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2016

    Cool! Do you paint these on location or from reference photos, or do you just imagine the places?
  11. Space man

    Well, I'll be happy to read it, and I'd buy a print of that spaceman. Sent a tiny tip of ABY your way.
  12. Space man

    "The little prince" sort of story?
  13. Space man

    Cute! What was the story?
  14. Alexander Vlasyuk - Oil Paintings

    I really like how you create the illusion of movement, reminds me of the old Futurist paintings, but here in a completely different context. Really love the way you use purples, too, they give a sort of mystical feel to the compositions. Congratulations!
  15. Structurated space 80x120x3cm, oil on canvas, 2014

    Cool! I really like the lighting in these, that and the perspective together make them feel very "spacious".