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  1. Hello World!

    Welcome Rodd! Nice work!
  2. Just a short question - are rank rewards still on or not? I'm waiting for my rank reward for more than 3 months now 8-)

  3. Hello Artbyte community

    Hi! Welcome to the Artbyte Community and our forum. Keep posting to get some ABY reward to your wallet!
  4. bitcoin is on the way of new ATH

    We shall see... this week was quite positive, if it gets a above 10.000 (right now it's bellow 9000) as an important psychological value it could really get additional boost... However, the rise in last 10days itself is nice thing for those who were confident enough to buy it arround 6xxx... Hopefully, altcoin growth will continue (little decrease/fall last day or two), and ABY will continue its rise...
  5. :-) Good news. But, remember how much did it fall from January... let's just get back there, first... after that, shoot it to the Moon :-)
  6. Crypto market is green again

    As for ABY, seems to me it will go above 100Sat again... Will it stay there and/or go even higher? We shall see... Not buying, not sending currently.
  7. How to earn free Artbytes?

    Has anyone got some awards latelly? As much I can track, I did wait for a few weeks and on Mar 10th, I sent private message to admins related to my "missing" (not paid yet) award. However, it is now the month from the message, or - almost two months from the day I fullfilles the requirements for my ABY award... It's not that I'm missing it, the price is low and I'm trying to buy something on Bittrex (did some on 81sat), but it would be nice to see award in my wallet :-)
  8. hi to all good people here

    Welcome to ABY community!
  9. New ArtByte website going live today

    Actually, I like basic idea of background animation - but: 1) On my old laptop (1280x800px) looks somehow blurry... Will try on QHD later... 2) I would suggest different "finish" and repeat... instead of repeating from the first frame, I would suggest globe just to continue rotating (look strange when it finishes and goes back to inicital scene... so - initial sceen just for start of animation, after that and full rotation, just continue rotating the Earth... Another thing - selection of colors... quite nice... but, I would suggest using some kind of transparency or fading to get lighter red color when I'm over one of six "features" (Made to support.., Supported by the... etc.). On my screen it's just little to strong red background when user hovers/selects it! I understand that red is part of the template, but for background/selection I think some ligther variant would be better. Since I'm not a native english speaker, I won't make comments on the content and sentences... but that is also quite important for the site. - - - I would suggest you to give some credits to AdamsEve (e.g. some ABY credit to the wallet) for checking the links and other things in the same hour you informed about new page... :-)
  10. Right time to invest in crypto

    Correct. It is just to risky to invest your savings and money that you depend on... If you have some spare, check all what is out there (stocks, bonds, lottery ;-) and crypto). If someone could predict or at all be so "strong" to sell around New Year and buy today, I would say it is great to reinvest all or just a part of that money. But if you plan to invest your first money in crypto right now, I wouldn't know what to tell you... I have some 10 GPUs mining and profits are much much lower than before... but, don't have anything else to do with GPUs... E.g. with 6 GPUs I could make more than 20 USD daily arround New Year (2017/2018), but now with 10 I'm arround 5-6 USD most... Hoping to find a coin that is profitable to mine and that has potential to grow higher than others... Gambling, almost. (Right now I'm just mining "solid" coins based on equihash algorithm, but with really low profit) Would I buy 10 GPU or invest money right now direct in crypto? Probably not, or at least I would really invest money that I'm ready to forget about it for year or two...
  11. I'm confused

    I'm also waiting for Full Member reward for few weeks now... Since I already had some delays with reward previously, just waiting calmly :-) Btw, anyone got reward in last 10-20 days?
  12. here i am newcomer artist

    Welcome to ABY community... spread the word about it...
  13. RIP - Stephan Hawking

    RIP :-(
  14. Introduction - CyberArtist

    It should be soon - usually during the first week (sometimes even the same day), depends...
  15. Hello, everybody!

    Hi, and welcome to ABY! Nice jewelry!