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  1. Was gifted ABY today

    Take your time, you still have a lot to study so you won't regret venturing into trading. You are highly welcome.
  2. hi to all good people here

    It will take you more than expected, cos her in this forum, you have the advantage of learning from other artists and working more on your own talent. You're most welcome.
  3. ArtByte lover from Pakistan

    With this forum, you'll develop more interest in crypto and you'll be glad that you joined. Accept my warm welcome.
  4. hello

    Welcome to the forum, you might not be an artist but I assure you that you'll soon fall in love with "ART"Enjoy you stay in the forum.
  5. I just started a few minutes ago.

    You're welcome to the forum where talents like you are needed and highly appreciated. We're pleased to have you here.
  6. Please accept my warm welcome to the forum. Your works are really incredible.
  7. The Tiny Planet

    What did you use for the vases are they lantern bulbs?Honestly, they are really nice.
  8. my artmart art

    Yes it is. Work more on your talent and you'll do exploits.
  9. Some more adult only edited photos online now!

    Nice posture for the second picture but the first one is not really too nice
  10. Freelance or Not?

    I'm a freelancer too
  11. You'r opinion about art.

    I love pictures, colours and messages they pass to us
  12. What is Art all about

    Art is the expression of the inner mind and also the presentation of things we can't express with our mouth.
  13. creativity

    Please how do you expect people to understand this language?
  14. My way around

    As others have said, try imgur you will be happy you did.
  15. Happy International Women's Day

    To every girls, every ladies, every young women, every mothers, every grandmothers and every great grandmothers, I say happy women's day. We will witness and celebrate more of it.