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  1. Mining queston

    Verry bad for the coin if there's no support for minning and keep old software on there site.
  2. Mining queston

    pool. artbyte.me, is not working. How do I connect to the pool ? With the old wallet no problems,(downloads on the artbyte site gives only version 8) but sins I have installed the new one, 13.0.1 there is no connection with the pool possible.
  3. galleries artists and collectors

    It is a litho from Bram van Velde 1955, look at: www.bramvanvelde.info Dutch artist 1895-1981
  4. galleries artists and collectors

    If the piece of art is created,you have te sel it,or give away. The best is to sell it to an Artcollector
  5. Mabey it is an idea to make a new topic for Galleries to promote there favorite artists. Also i am missing somthing for collectors Ed
  6. An other one new to the forum from NL

    Ha,ja verhoudingsgewijs wel. Er gebeurt niet veel lijkt mij
  7. An other one new to the forum from NL

    Hi,I own the gallery,but it is closed now and sell the stock via the website, i am an specialist in works by Bram van Velde , www.bramvanvelde.info
  8. Hallo everybody and art lovers See my gallery at www.galeriebaks.nl