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  1. Tiny things handmade by me

    nice Good to see you .
  2. As long as a project is going , you still make money from it , in many ways
  3. I am Neon Artist

    That looks amazing ! Good decision that I'm here .
  4. Tree sculptures made from metal

    genius !
  5. World from above - Aerial Cinematrography

    Amazing ,I wonder how people can build a castle on the rocl , castlely rock haha.
  6. 1 cent

    you're right ! BTC, coin can only rise when BTC is stable,
  7. New Member Here, Hi Everyone :)

    Haha , I'm also new but I'm happy here. ! You will too !
  8. Hello from Viet Nam

    Thank you benres !
  9. Hello from Viet Nam

    thank you guys , I'm mananing a facebook group of cryptocurrency investor in Viet Nam , I'll make sure our news will reach them .
  10. can we dream for a 1$ = 1 Aby

    I always use DGB as one of my example , DGB has no real value but ar martket cap of hundred million dollars ? ? WTh is that ? so the future of ABY is true !
  11. can we dream for a 1$ = 1 Aby

    1$ would be 200 times with the price now . Yes , it needs time. not in a month or two.
  12. Hello from Viet Nam

    Hello everybody I'm Quyen from Viet Nam a trader,investor and marketer. I've found out that ABY is a very interesting project and I'm looking forward to support the community and the project in the very near future. Aag3r2uygQi84ioqbApSpNHUxYbPgFPjzi